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This section of the site is intended to assist in the location of company addresses or to determine the fate of companies that may have been purchased by another organization, or in the case of a division of a company, absorbed back into the may entity of the company. In some cases if the company goes bankrupt and no longer operating that may be listed here as well. However in the case of smaller companies, they might just stop operating with out any notice at all.

Yageo {Combined Phycomp, Philips Discrete Ceramics, and Yageo America}

Yageo America; Now Yeago {see listing above}


Yamaichi Electronics USA

YESO, Ywh Chau Electric Co., Ltd

Yig-Tek was acquired by Signal Technology

Yitran Communications Ltd.

Yuasa, Inc., Now EnerSys Inc.

YuShin Electronic co. (Updated address)

An alphabetic company listing of the Electronic manufacturer sites listed on interfacebus. Search for a company by product function, using the links below.
Any company site which has gone bad is listed here with a new link if available. The old reference of a site is removed from all other pages of the site. Only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] Electronic manufacturers are listed.
This is a listing of companies in the US, in addition to American Manufacturers, European Manufacturers, and Asian Manufacturers are also included.

PC motherboard

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