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This is a listing of Key Board / Mouse Switch manufacturers, also called KVM switches.
The types of products or devices they produce are listing under the company name, in alphabetic order. Interface Types: PS/2, USB, IBM AT

KVM Switch Manufacturers

Keyboard / Video / Mouse switches, or just KVM is used to allow a single set of mouse, keyboard or video monitor to be controlled or access multiple computers.
With a KVM switch one set of a keyboard and mouse may interact with a number of computers by switching the KVM device so they connect to a different computer.
Using a KVM, one keyboard and mouse is used to control any number of computers.

The older models might multiple share video or keys-boards using the older DB connectors.
However newer models would use DVI [or another interface] and USB connections for each port.
Some KVMs also share the microphone and speaker 3.5mm jacks between the console and remote ports.

The three main styles of KVMs are wired [common], cabled [a 'Y' cable or dongle] and wireless.
The wired KVM is a single unit that both the main computer and remote computer connect up to.
There are two types of wireless KVM; one uses a wireless connection between the main and remote unit with out using a cable.
The other wireless type just controls the switch using a wireless connection, but the PC connections are still cabled.
When the 'Y' cabled approach is used, there is no unit, the splitter in molded into the end of one of the cables
In some limited cases a KVM might also be called a video splitter, if the main function is to share video signals.

{KVM Switch manufacturer, both older and newer port connections}

{2/4/8/16-Port KVM Switch}

Hawking Technology
{KVM Switches units and KVM Cables}

{2/4/8-Port KVM Switch; VGA, PS/2, USB}

{Single-Monitor/Dual-Monitor/KVM Switch- DVI, VGA, USB, PS/2, KVM-in-the-Cable & wireless}

{2/4-Port USB KVM Switch, Rack-mount units}

{2/4 Port KVM Switch, USB Hub, USB-to-USB}


KVM switches are also ruggedized for military requirements.
Although it might be an after market change, as in temperature testing to confirm operation.

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