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Ethernet Products

ACC "Ericsson" {Office/SOHO Routers}

Accton {Switches-Hubs-Router Manufacturer}

Adaptec {Ethernet-RAID Devices}

AOpen {Ethernet Hub Manufacturer}

Data & Telephone Supply Company Inc. 'DTS' {Adaptor, Transceiver, Hubs, ISA/PCI Adaptor}

Encore {Ethernet Hub Manufacturer}

Lantronix {Ethernet Devices}

MRi {Ethernet Switches}

Transition Networks {Transition Devices}

Unicomlink {Ethernet Hub/Transceiver...}

Zoom Telephonics Inc. {Ethernet Hub Desktop/PC card}


LAN: Local Area Network, WAN: Wide Area Network


Black Box {This is a Catalog store}

Comm-Works Telecommunications Services {Telecommunications installation company: managed IT out sourcing services; computer networking-cabling-infrastructure management-wireless networking}

Data Comm for Business Inc.

East Coast Datacom, Inc. 'ECD' {RS-232 to V35, RS232 to X21, V35 to RS232, RS-530, V35-V36 Interface Converters}

Electro Standards Laboratories {Remote Control Switches}

Transition networks {Twisted pair to fiber}

Unicom Electric Inc.

Versitron {Fiber Optic Converter RS232/MIL STD 188C/RS449/V.35/RS350/RS422/T1/E1/Telephone...}

Western Telematic Inc. {RS-232 / RS-422 Port Switches}

A listing of OEM Computer LAN/WAN manufacturers and vendors. The listing is subdivided by either Ethernet product manufacturers or LAN/WAN product manufacturers. The LAN/WAN product manufacturers listing also includes Interface converters. The types of products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. Additional Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon below.

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