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Speaker Manufacturers for Computers


Altec Lansing {5.1 Surround, Stereo, Gaming Speakers}

Creative Technology Ltd. {Stereo 2.0/2.1, Surround Sound 4.1/5.1/6.1 Speaker systems}

Kipsch {Two magnetically-shielded satellite speakers}

Logitech {Stereo 2.0/2.1, Surround Sound 5.1/6.1 Speakers}

Speaker Systems:
2.0: Is normal stereo using 2 speakers, one for the left channel one for the right channel.
2.1: Is normal stereo using 3 speakers, one for the left channel one for the right channel and a sub woofer.
4.1: Uses 5 speakers, one for the Front left channel one for the Front right channel; Than a Rear left channel one for the Rear right channel and a sub woofer.
5.1: Adds a center speaker to the 4.1 system.
6.1: Adds another set of rear speakers to the 4.1 system [no center speaker].
7.1: Adds a center speaker to the 6.1 system.

Physical speakers, or speakers with out a case are listed on;
Mechanical Speaker Manufacturers,
Mechanical Speaker Diagrams, Speaker Definition

Magnetically-shielded speakers are made so that the speaker magnet is shielded so that it has no effect on near-by objects such as a TV, Monitor or other device that may be effected by the magnetic field produced by the speaker. Flat panel monitors and LCD monitors do not require the speaker to be shielded.
Mainly the older electron-gun type TV's are effected.

This is a listing of Personal Computer Speaker manufacturers. The types of products or equipment they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. Additional electronic Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon below, or component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below. All pages list OEM's [Original Equipment Manufacturers] Companies, second source or re-sellers are not listed. OEM parts and electronic equipment Distributors may be found by hitting the Distributors icon below.

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