CQFP IC Package Drawing

Ceramic Quad Flat Pack IC

CQFP, Ceramic Quad Flat Pack IC CHIP Package Style
CQFP Package, Unformed Leads

A Ceramic Quad Flat Pack IC [IC] is a surface mount component that contains pins, on each side of the body. Note how the leads are formed. The ceramic version is the same as a plastic QFP, both of which are surface mount packages that have leads on each of the four sides of the package. There are a number of QFP packages of different styles.

As I've already stated on a number of other pages there are particular reasons for wanting to use a ceramic package. The most obvious reason to use one is that it's only package style being offered by a manufacturer.
However normally the ceramic package will be offered with enhanced temperature characteristics, for higher temperature operation. For example designs requiring a military operating temperature may require using a ceramic package.

The frame shown in the graphic is basically a shipping frame or a method to hold the leads in place before the part is attached to the printed circuit board. So in the finished product when the board is mated with the component the frame is not present. The leads may also be trimmed or shortened and the leads may also be formed or bent into a particular position.

Surface Mount Package


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The pins count like a normal chip carrier.
Pins are shown in groups of three.

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