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Surface Mount Device Package Types

SOIC IC CHIP Package Type
SOIC Package

The Small Outline Integrated Circuit [SOIC] Plastic Package is shown above.
In large graphic SOIC Gull Wing.

SMD Package Styles:

BCC: Bump Chip Carrier
BGA: Ball Grid Array; BGA graphic
BQFP: Bumpered Quad Flat Pack
CABGA/SSBGA: Chip Array/Small Scale Ball Grid Array
CBGA: Ceramic Ball Grid Array
CCGA: Ceramic Column Grid Array [A column of solder]
CERPACK: Ceramic Package
CFP: Ceramic Flat Pack
CGA: Column Grid Array
CLCC: Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier Packages [CLCC BJT Graphic]
CLGA: Ceramic Land Grid Array [an LGA package]
CQFP: Ceramic Quad Flat Pack, [CQFP Graphic]
CQGP: Ceramic Quad [Gold Plating]
CSBGA: Cavity Down BGA
CSOP: Ceramic Small Outline Package
CSP BGA: Chip Scale Package BGA
TBD: Ceramic Lead-Less Chip Carrier
DBS: DIL Bent SIL [In-line package with bent leads forming 2 rows]
DFN: Dual Flat Pack, No Lead
DLCC: Dual Lead-Less Chip Carrier (Ceramic) DLCC Graphic
DMP: Dual In-line Mini Molded Package
DQFN: Depopulated Quad Flat-pack; No-leads
EPTSSOP: Thin Shrink Small Outline Exposed Pad Plastic Packages
ETQFP: Extra Thin Quad Flat Package
FBGA: Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array
FCBGA: Flipchip BGA
FCPBGA: Flip Chip Plastic BGA
FFP: Flip-chip Fine Package
FleXBGA: Flexible Ball Grid Array
FLP: Flat Lead Package
fpBGA: Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array
HBCC: Heatsink Bottom Chip Carrier
HBGA: High Performance Ball Grid Array [higher heat dissipation]
HDIP: Heat-dissipating Dual In-line Package [appears the same as a standard DIP]
HSBGA: Heat Slug Ball Grid Array [copper slug added to reduce thermal resistance]
HSOP: Heatsink Small Outline Package
HTSSOP: Heatsink Thin Shrink Small Outline Package
HUQFN: Heatsink Ultra-thin Quad Flat-pack; No-leads
HVQFN: Heatsink Very-thin Quad Flat-pack; No-leads
HVSON: Heatsink Very-thin Small Outline; No-leads
HWQFN: Heatsink Very-Very-thin Quad Flat-pack; No-leads
HWSON: Heatsink Very-Very-thin Small Outline package; No leads
HXQFN: Heatsink eXtremely-thin Quad Flat-pack; No-leads
HXSON: Heatsink eXtremely Small Outline Package; No leads
JDIP: J-Leaded Dual In-Line J-Lead DIP Picture
JLCC: J-Leaded Chip Carrier (Ceramic) J-Lead Picture
LBGA: Low-Profile Ball Grid Array
LCC: Leaded Chip Carrier LCC Graphic
LCC: Leaded Chip Carrier Un-formed LCC Graphic
LCCC: Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier;
LCGA: Low-Profile Ball Grid Array;
LFBGA: Low-Profile, Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array
LGA: Land Grid Array LGA Graphic [Pins located on Mother board, not the device]
LLCC: Leadless Chip Carrier LLCC Graphic
LQFP: Low-profile Quad Flat pack
MCMBGA: Multi Chip Module Ball Grid Array
MCMCABGA: Multi Chip Module-Chip Array Ball Grid Array
MLCC: Micro Leadframe Chip Carrier
MLP: Micro Lead-frame Package MLP graphic
MQFP: Metric Quad Flat Pack [high pin count QFP]
MSOP: Mini Small Outline Plastic Packages
OBGA: Organic Ball Grid Array
ODFN: Optical Dual Flat No-Lead Plastic Package
PBGA: Plastic Ball Grid Array, PBGA graphic
PLCC: Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
POS: Package on Substrate
PQFD: Plastic Quad Flat --
PQFP: Plastic Quad Flat Pack
PSOP: Plastic Small-Outline Package PSOP graphic
QFN: Quad Flat No-Lead
QFP: Quad Flat pack QFP Graphics
QSOP: Quarter Size Outline Package
SBGA: Super BGA - above 500 Pin count [Cavity down die]
SDMP: Shrink Dual In-line Mini Molded Package
SO Flat Pack: Small Outline Flat Pack IC
SOIC: Small Outline IC
SOJ: Small-Outline Package [J-Lead], SOJ
SOLIC: Small Outline Large Integrated Circuit (Gull-Wing Lead Wide Body)
SON: Small-Outline No-leads [leadless package]
SOP: Small Out-line Package
SSOP: Shrink Small-Outline Package
SOT: Small Outline Transistor Plastic Package [SOT-23 Graphic]
TBGA: Tape Ball Grid Array [Cavity-down thermally enhanced Flip Chip]
TBGA: Thin Ball Grid Array
TDFN: Thin Dual Flat No-Lead Plastic Package
TEPBGA: Thermally Enhanced Plastic Ball Grid Array
TFBGA: Thin profile Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array
TQFN: Thin Quad Flat No-Lead Plastic Package
TQFP: Thin Quad Flat Pack TQFP Graphic
TSOP: Thin Small-Outline Package
TSSOP: Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package
TSOT: Thin Small Outline Transistor Plastic Package
TVSOP: Thin Very Small-Outline Package
TVSP: Thin Very Small Package
UFBGA: Ultra Fine-Line BGA
UTDFN: Ultra Thin Dual Flat No-Lead Plastic Package
VFBGA: Very thin Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array
VQFB: Very-thin Quad Flat Pack
VSO: Very Small Outline
VSSOP: Very thin Shrink Small Outline Package
VSP: Very Small Package
XQFN: eXtremely thin Quad Flat package; No leads
XSON: eXtremely thin Small Outline package; No leads

Of course some devices only use certain packages.
However any particular style may use a number of standard JEDEC body sizes.
The packages with the highest pin count use the densest packages.

A general [Engineering] List of Acronyms.

A number of these packages are also Dual In-line Packages [DIP].
A DIP can either be a surface mount or through hole device and refers to the location of the leads on either side of the devices case.

The list is added to as I come across new devices, but that doesn't mean their in common usage.
Some of the more obscure device may only have one pin variant.
Many of these package styles also appear identical, or almost identical, so it doesn't justify an individual page.
Although it might just be the case that no graphic currently exists on site.
However you may notice that many of these packages have the same root abbreviation, but add small, very small, or thin and so on.

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Selected Military Specifications: [MIL Specs]
MIL-STD-1835C - Electronic Component Case Outlines
MIL-HDBL-6100 - List of Case Outlines and Dimensions for Discrete Semiconductor Devices
MIL-M-55565C - Microcircuits, Packaging of
MIL-STD-1285C - Marking of Electrical and Electronic Parts
JEITA ED-7303C, name and code for integrated circuit packages Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).

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