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A listing of IC Converter and IC Socket Manufacturers, Related sites, and Component links.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

IC Socket Converters/Adaptor Manufacturers

Related links and definitions;
IC Package Graphics.
End-of-Life Definition.

Integrated Circuit Adapter Vendors:
Accutek Microcircuit Corporation {DIP Adaptors PLCC/SOIC/SOJ/TSOP/SOT/QSOP/MSOP to DIP modules, SOIC/SSOP/QSOP to Zip module - Drop in replacement for end-of-life DIP IC's}

Adaptors.com {Logic analyzer adapters, Programming, Prototyping, Production Adapters}

Advanced Interconnections Corp. {IC Sockets / Adapters for BGA, PGA, DIP, SIP, Peel-A-Way Removable Terminal Carriers}

Aries Electronics Inc. {ZIF Socket - BGA Socket-DIP Socket-SIP Socket-Correct a chip-Display-2mm-Chip and wire}

Everett Charles Technologies 'ECT' {Scalable Test Sockets for Area-array Applications}

Emulation Technology Inc. {Field Configurable Adaptors Manufacturer}

Interconnect Systems Inc. {Adaptors/Converters QFP/BGA/SOIC/SOJ/SOP/TSOP to PGA/DIP-Obsolescence Solutions}

Ironwood Electronics {Prototyping/Device under Test Adaptors-Package/Device Converters - Extenders - Rotators... BGA, MLF, QFN Sockets & clips, PLCC, TSOP}

Meritec {SOP/SSOP/TSOP/PSOP Socket Converter Manufacturer}

Processor Socket Adapter

IC Adapters or Socket Adapters convert form one pin out or layout to another
Socket Adapters are used to convert a given IC pinout to a pinout used on a PCB,
or from an SMD IC to thru-hole package, or from a through-hole to surface mount package.

IC socket adapter are used for correcting design mistakes, on a PCB that can't be layed-out again, or used to adapt a current IC to an obsolete package layout.

The list provides manufacturers of Chip-Changers, Adapters, and Converters.
Check the IC Socket manufacturing listing {below} for all other types of Sockets and Adaptors

{IC Socket Manufacturers}

IC Socket Manufacturers

Related links and definitions;
IC Package Graphics [defining many of the acronyms used below].
Burn In Definition.
PC Processor Socket types, used by Motherboard vendors.
Test Socket; an IC socket used only during test or debug, but not in final design or production.

Integrated Circuit Socket Vendors:
3M {Test and Burn in-ZIPP-DIP-LCC-PQFP-CQFP IC Socket Manufacturer}

Advanced Interconnections Corp. {IC Sockets / Adapters for BGA, PGA, DIP, SIP and more-Peel-A-Way Removable Terminal Carriers}

Aries Electronics Inc. {ZIF Sockets-BGA Sockets-DIP Sockets-SIP-Display-2mm-Chip and wire}

Azimuth Electronics {Test and Burn-in, Custom Prototype and Production, QFP, LCC, and ZIF sockets}

Chupond America Inc. {DIP, PGA, PLCC, pin header, SIMM, zig-zag sockets}

ECE 'Excel Cell Electronic Co.' {DIP/PGA/ZIF Sockets, DIMM/DDR Socket Manufacturer}

Emulation Solutions {Adaptors-Emulator Tools-Programming/Logic Analyzer/Test/Prototyping Adaptors}

Emulation Technology Inc. {Adaptors-Emulator Tools-Programming/Logic Analyzer/Test/Prototyping Adaptors}

Enplas {Test and Burn in Socket Manufacturer, All Socket Types}

ept {Strips, PGA Sockets, SIMM Sockets, DIL Sockets}

E-tec {IC Sockets-Test and Burn in Sockets, All Socket Types}

FCI {LG-Array, SIP Sockets, PLCC Sockets, DIP Sockets, IPGA/PGA Screw Machine Sockets}

Harwin {IC Sockets, PLCC Socket manufacturer}

Ironwood Electronics {BGA, MLF, QFN Sockets & clips, PLCC, TSOP, GHz Sockets for BGA, QFN LGA, and other SMT Packages}

Kycon {SOJ/PLCC Sockets}

Loranger International Corp. {uBGA-BGA-LGA-ZIG/ZAG-SIP-SMD-SSMP-SOIC-LCC-PLCC-DIP-Flat Packs-Hybrids-SMD Sockets}

Meritec {DIMM Socket Manufacturer}

Mill-Max {DIP/SIP Sockets, Carriers-PLCC/PGA/BGA Sockets-Receptacles}

Molex {DIMM Sockets-SIMM Sockets-IC-PLCC Sockets-PGA Sockets-Card Edge}

Methode Electronics {BGA Socket - PLCC Socket Manufacturer}

Panasonic Electric Works {SOP/TSOP/QFP Socket Manufacturer}

Preci-Dip {DIL, SIL, PGA, BGA, PLCC sockets}

Tyco {DIMM Sockets, IC ZIF Socket Manufacturer}

Wells-CTI {LGA/PGA/DIP/LCC/PLCC/TO Sockets-SMT BGA Test/Burn-In/Production IC Socket Manufacturer}

Yamaichi Electronics
{High Density-DIP/SOP/ZIF Sockets, Test and Burn in Sockets}

mPGA478 ZIF Socket

IC Socket Descriptions:
BGA Package Description
DIP Socket Description
PLCC Socket Description
ZIF Socket Description
Zig Zag Socket Description

IC Package Descriptions:
Surface Mount IC Package Styles
Thru-hole IC Package Styles

Transistor Package Descriptions:
BJT Package Styles

What is a Socket;
A part designed to electrically connect and mechanically position the base of an item having plug-in type contacts, and to facilitate replacement of the component accommodated.
It includes sockets which accommodate the contacts of capacitors, coils, crystals, electron tubes, relays and semiconductor devices.

A list of Integrated Circuit Package Definitions which will spell out a number of the IC socket acronyms used above is provided on the IC Package Type Definitions page. The page provides both Surface Mount Devices and Through Hole Device Package definitions, it also provides a few pictures for some of the device types.

The through hole devices listed above [DIP, or SIP] may come with pins that are; Solder Tail [Normal board solder], Press Fit Tail [Solderless mount into PCB], Extended [End and side stackable], Wire Wrap [Long pins for wire Wrap operation], or Display [Right angle].
The term ZIF means Zero-Insertion-Force, SMD means Surface-Mount-Device, SMT means Surface-Mount-Technology, DIL means Dual-In-Line, and SIL means Single-In-Line.

Engineering Design Note: Sockets are used for debug, prototype or low volume production. How ever, there are many cases when the IC sockets need to be removed from the design and the chips need to be soldered to the PC board. The sockets add additional inductance [~ 5nH] to the IC pins and mutual capacitance between the pins. Some additional reasons to remove a socket include: Cost [from the addition of the socket], Vibration [ground or air systems], Extreme Temperature [expansion based on -40 to +70 Military Temperature ranges], Moisture issues [the PC needs a Conformal Coating], Logic issues [timing or inductance issues cause by the IC socket package], Requirements [some military specifications may not allow IC sockets], and documentation issues [caused by altering many parts rather then altering one board].

If any of these cases apply, consider using JTAG to program the PROM or device.

Military Specifications: MIL-DTL-83734; Through-hole sockets
MIL-DTL-83734/1 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 6 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/2 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 8 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/5 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 18 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/6 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 22 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages).
MIL-DTL-83734/7 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 28 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/8 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 24 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/9 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 36 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/10 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 40 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/13 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 20 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/14 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 48 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/15 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 64 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/17 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components, (For 32 Pin Dual-In-Line Packages)
MIL Spec Sockets; Low Profile, Through-hole sockets
MIL-DTL-83734/18 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components (6 Pin Dual-In-Line Low Profile Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/19 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components (8 Pin Dual-In-Line Low Profile Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/20 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components (14 Pin Dual-In-Line Low Profile Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/21 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components (16 Pin Dual-In-Line Low Profile Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/22 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components (18 Pin Dual-In-Line Low Profile Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/23 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components (20 Pin Dual-In-Line Low Profile Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/24 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components (22 Pin Dual-In-Line Low Profile Packages)
MIL-DTL-83734/25 Sockets, Plug-In Electronic Components (24 Pin Dual-In-Line Low Profile Packages)

MIL-DTL-83505 Individual Pin Sockets, (Lead, Electronic Components)
MIL-DTL-83502 Round Style Sockets, Plug-in Electronic Components [Relays and Vacuum tube sockets]
MIL-DTL-12883/42 TO-3 Sockets and Accessories for Plug-in Electronic Components (Power Transistor, 2 Contact, 10 Amperes), Radial)

Related Components: Battery Sockets, and Transistor Packages [as used with TO [Transistor Outline] Sockets].

Listing of [Integrated Circuit] IC Socket manufacturers and vendors.
The listing is subdivided into IC Socket Manufacturers, and IC Socket Converters/Adaptors manufacturers.
The types of products or devices each manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below,
or Electronic Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

{IC Socket Manufacturers Index}

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