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Optical Module Description

10G Optical Module Form Factors: [Length x Width]
SFP: 16mm x 42mm
XFP: 23.5mm x 67mm
X2: 42mm x 79mm
XPAK: 42mm x 72mm
XENPAK: 47mm x 118mm

XFP Form Factor

10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable (XFP) was developed under the Multi Source Agreement (MSA) Group.
The XFP MSA Group created the specification for the XFP module. The standard includes a cage design, the form factor, and IC interfaces.
The 10 Gbit XFP module converts serial electrical signals to external serial optical or electrical signals. The XFP module is hot pluggable.
The XFP module supports SONET [OC192/STM-64], 10G Fibre Channel, G.709, and 10Gigabit Ethernet with the same module.

The XFP electrical port has one Differential Transmit port [TX], one differential Receive port [RX], a differential Referential clock [RefCK], and other additional control signals.
The TX and RX lines are CML interfaces, the RefCK lines are PECL, and the control/status lines are LVTTL interfaces.
The out going LVTTL lines require a 4.7k ohm resistor pull-up. I/O ground signals are isolated from the case.
A 2-wire I2C interface is also included [SDA/SCL]. The LVTTL interfaces operate off of 3.3 volts.

The XFP modules uses 3 different power supplies; 1.8v, 3.3v, 5 volts, and an optional -5.2 volts.

Transmitter Jitter: Total Jitter [TJ] is defined at 0.30 UI (p-p) maximum.
Deterministic Jitter is defined at 0.15UI (p-p) maximum.
Receiver Jitter: Total Jitter is defined at 0.65UI (p-p) maximum.
Total non-data dependent jitter [DDJ] is defined at 0.45 UI (p-p) maximum.

Optical Module Manufacturers

APAC Opto Electronics
{MMF, SMF. 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-LHX, 1310nm Fiber Channel/Gigabit Ethernet, GPON}

{Optical transceiver modules, SFP, SFF, GBIC, XFP, 1x9/2x9}

Oclaro Inc.
{MSA-compliant family of XFP modules for 10 Gb/s SONET/SDH, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel communications}

Gtran Inc. {XFP 10Gbps module line}

Methode {SFP to HSSDC-2 Converter, EMI Cage, XFP EMI Cage}

'OCP' Optical Communication Products Inc. - OUT OF BUSINESS, Check 'Finisar as a substitute

Opnext Inc.
{SFP, XFP, XENPAK, XPAK, 300-pin, X2}

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