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Gigabit Ethernet Description

The Ethernet standard uses Manchester Encoding and Decoding. Access control is gained via Carrier Sense, Multiple Access with Collision Detect (CSMA_CD). However 10 Gigabit Ethernet [10GE] only uses Full-duplex, so CSMA/CD is not required. Preamble Field: A 56 bit pattern of alternating ones and zeros which are used to synchronize the receiver clock to the incoming data packet. SFD Field: Start Frame Delimiter Field, indicates the beginning of the frame; [10101011].

Ethernet Packet Frame
Ethernet Packet

1000Base-T. [Gigabit Ethernet] operates up to 100 meters on EIA568, 4-pair [CAT-5] UTP [Un-Shielded Twisted Pair] 100 ohm copper wiring. This is backwards compatible with 100Base-T. Also uses Fibre Channel as the physical layer, and runs at 1000Mbps, using 8B/10B encoding [10 bits = 1 byte].

Gigabit Ethernet Block Diagram
10-Gigabit Ethernet Block Diagram

10Gb Attachment Unit Interface [Gigabit Ethernet XAUI] is used as an interface extender for 10-gigabit media-independent interface [XGMII]. The XAUI interface is a backplane interface, Chip-to-Chip interface, or board interface. XAUI uses four full-duplex serial links operating at 3.125 Gbps in each direction. In aggregate, a total of 12.5 Gbps can be transferred in each direction.

The Gigabit Media Independent Interface [GMII] is the interface between the Media Access Controller [MAC] layer and Physical Layer and is divided into three sublayers : PCS, PMA and PMD. The MII [Media Independent Interface] was developed for Fast Ethernet.
Physical Coding Sublayer [PCS] is the GMII sub-layer responsible for the interface to the Reconciliation layer. The PCS layer uses 8B/10B encoding.
Physical Medium Attachment [PMA] is the GMII sub-layer responsible for providing a medium-independent for the PCS to support serial bit-oriented physical media. This layer serializes code groups for transmission and deserializes bits received from the medium into code groups. The Gigabit Ethernet PMA interface is identical to the PMA interface used in FiberChannel, but the difference is FiberChannel utilizes 1.062-gigabaud signaling while Gigabit Ethernet utilizes 1.25-gigabaud signaling. Encoding is 8B/10B.
Physical Medium Dependent [PMD] is the GMII sub-layer responsible for mapping the physical medium to the PCS. The Medium Dependent Interface [MDI] is the physical layer interface, and is part of the PMD.

Gigabit XAUI Physical Layer
Gigabit XAUI Physical Layer

10Gb Sixteen-Bit Interface [XSBI], WAN Interface Sublayer [WIS], XAUI Extender Sublayer [XGXS]

The frame check sequence is derived from a Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC); the coefficients are generated modulo-2:
X31 + X26 + X23 + X22 + X16 + X12 + X11 + X10 + X8 + X7 + X5 + X4 +X2 + X + 1

10Base Ethernet is listed on the Ethernet Bus page, which contains a description and additional links

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Ethernet Bus 1000BaseT RJ45 Pin Out

10G RJ-45
RJ45 Connector

Ethernet 1000BaseT (Twisted Pair Pinout)
Pin # Signal name Function
1 BI_DA+ Bi-directional pair +A
2 BI_DA- Bi-directional pair -A
3 BI_DB+ Bi-directional pair +B
4 BI_DC+ Bi-directional pair +C
5 BI_DC- Bi-directional pair -C
6 BI_DB- Bi-directional pair -B
7 BI_DD+ Bi-directional pair +D
8 BI_DD- Bi-directional pair -D

The pinout table above describes what some call the CAT-5 pinout as found on an RJ-45 connector. The CAT-5 pinout pairs 1/2, 3/6, 4/5, and 7/8 pins together. Another version of the pinout is called the Standard pinout and also uses an RJ45 connector. The standard pin out pairs pins 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 together.

The MII interface pinout is listed on it's own page [Media-independent interface].
Refer to the AUI Pinout page for the pin out of the AUI connector, used with older Ethernet interfaces.

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Ethernet Bus Interface IC Manufacturers

Ethernet IC Vendors:
Atheros Communications {IEEE 802.11a Wireless Networking ICs}

Broadcom Corporation {Gigabit Ethernet chips; Controllers / transceivers}

Cirrus Logic {10/100 Mbps Ethernet transceiver-quad 10BASE-T transceiver}

Davicom Semiconductor Inc. {Gigabit Ethernet Chipsets}

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. {Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-X PHY}

Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc. {10/100 Ethernet Controller-Bridge Controller-10Base-T Interface/Transceiver}

Integrated Device Technology 'IDT' {Fast Ethernet: 100 Mbits/s full/half duplex ICs, Integrated PHYceiver}

Intel {Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet Controller incorporates two full Gigabit Ethernet MAC and PHY layer functions and Serializer/ Deserializer, SerDes}

Lattice Semiconductor {XSBI-to-XGMII, XAUI-to-XGMII}

LSI Corporation {10/100 Ethernet Controller/MAC-Ethernet Controllers}

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. {10 Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver IC}

Micrel Semiconductor {10/100 Switch-PHY}

Myson Technology Inc. {10/100 Ethernet Tranceiver-PHY}

National Semiconductor {10/100Mbit's Ethernet IC Manufacturer}

NXP {Coaxial Ethernet transceiver ICs}

PMC-Sierra Inc. {10GE Serializer/Deserializer, EXACT chip set-Switch products/10BASE-T}

Realtek Semiconductor Corp. {10/100M Ethernet controller, Unmanaged 10/100M Fast Ethernet switch controllers}

Rambus {Backplane SerDes ICs, GbE / XAUI / SRIO, 10 Gigabit Ethernet MAC}

Standard Microsystems Corp. 'SMSC' {10 Mbps and 100 Mbps Ethernet Controllers and Transceivers}

TI {10 Gigabit Ethernet Backplane Transceiver: XGMII Parallel Interface, XAUI Serial Interface}

Triquint Semiconductor {Gbaud Fibre-Channel/Gbit Ethernet Transmitter/Receiver/Transceiver ICs}

Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. {16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Backplane Controller IC}

Zarlink Semiconductor {Managed / Unmanaged Ethernet Switches, Fast/Gigabit Ethernet}

IC Manufacturer {All other types}

AUI: Attachment Unit Interface
MII: Media Independent Interface
GMII: Gigabit Media Independent Interface
XGMII: 10-gigabit media-independent interface
RMII: Reduced MII, 7-pin interface
SSMII: Source Synchronous MII
SMII: Serial Media Independent Interface.
The Serial Media Independent Interface [SMII] provides an interface to Ethernet MAC. The SMII provides the same interface as the Media Independent Interface [MII] but with a reduced pinout. The reduction in signals is achieved by multiplexing data and control information to a signal transmit signal and a single receive signal. The signals are TX-data, RX-Data

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Gigabit Optical Transceiver

Gigabit Transceiver Vendors:
Agilent Technologies {10 Gigabit pluggable optical Transceiver}

JDS Uniphase Corporation {Transceiver, 10 GbE/FC, XFP, 1310 nm}

Intel {10Gbps XFP Optical Transceiver}

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. {10Gbps Optical Devices, XENPAK Transceiver Module}

NEC Corp. {10Gbps Optical Devices, XENPAK Transceiver Module, SC / LC Interfaces}

OpNext inc.

10G Optical Module Form Factors: [Length x Width]
SFP: 16mm x 42mm
XFP: 23.5mm x 67mm
X2: 42mm x 79mm
XPAK: 42mm x 72mm
XENPAK: 47mm x 118mm
A description of Optical Transceivers is listed on the 10G Optical Module Form Factors page.

Ethernet Online Standards Information

ANSI/IEEE 802.3 and ISO/IEC 8802-3
IEEE 802.3ae: 10 Gigabit Ethernet [10GE] Standard

Standard Organizations

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. IEEE []

International Organization for Standardization 'ISO', []

International Electrotechnical Commission 'IEC', []

Vita 31.1 Gigabit Ethernet on VME64x backplanes
VMEbus International Trade Association VITA []

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Ethernet Bus Connector Vendors

Gigabit Ethernet HSSDC (High Speed Serial Data Connector) Connector/Cable; 2mm Twin-ax
CX4; twin-axial copper cable pairs

Erni {Gigabit Ethernet}

JDS UNIPHASE {Multi-mode 850nM/Single-mode 1310nm GigaBit transceivers}

Methode Electronics Inc {Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP), Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) for Ethernet, Fast/Gigabit Ethernet}

Tyco Electronics {Coax-BNC-Gigabit Ethernet Connector Manufacturer}

Connector Manufacturer Listing

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