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10 GigaBit Fiber Channel Description

10 Gigabit Fibre Channel [10GFC] is a point-to-point serial bi-directional interface operating up to 10.2Gbps.
10 Gigabit Fibre Channel [10GFC] is an extension of the physical layer of Fibre Channel. 10GFC runs at 12.75GBd [GigaBaud].

Communication is Asynchronous, Bi-Directional interface with a variable frame length up to 2048 bytes, with a 24 byte header. Bytes are 10 bits long, each forming a character, with 4 characters making a word [Transmission Word]. CRC is used for error checking [Cyclic Redundancy Check is the same 32-bit CRC used in FDDI]. Fibre Channel uses 8B/10B encoding (each 8 bit byte is translated into a 10 bit character in order to equalize the numbers of 1's and 0's sent). Fibre Channel is primarily used in high-end server SANs (storage-area networks). The Bit Error rate [BER] is defined at 10-12.

The Electrical Interface [EL] uses ECL signaling levels via an unbalanced 75W line or a balanced 150W line(s).
The Optical uses: [LL]: long wave laser (1300 nm), [SL]: short wave laser (780 nm), or [LE]: LED (1300 nm).

.. SC type connectors to IEC 61754-4-5
.. SG type connectors to EIA-604-7
.. LC type connectors to EIA-604-10
.. MT-RJ type connectors to EIA-604-12
Electrical unbalanced:
.. BNC, TNC type (style 1) connectors an for unbalanced 75W electrical interface to IEC 169-8, IEC 169-17
.. SMA type (style 2) connectors an for unbalanced 50W electrical interface to IEC 169-15
.. Electrical interfaces may use either or both style 1 and style 2 connectors. The cable will consist of TX+, TX-, RX+, RX- and a cable shield.
Electrical balanced:
.. 9-Pin D-subminiature type (style 1) connectors an for balanced 75W electrical interface to IEC 807-3
..... Pinout for a 9-pin D Connector: Pin 1 TX+, Pin 6 TX-, Pin 5 RX+, Pin 9 RX-, Shell Cable shield
.. 8-Pin (RJ-like) type (style 2) connectors an for balanced 75W electrical interface to IEC 61076-3-103
..... Pinout for an 8-Pin (RJ-like) Connector: Pin 1 TX+, Pin 3 TX-, Pin 6 RX-, Pin 8 RX+, Shell Cable shield
Connector Manufacturers

Fibre Channel uses three different topologies:
Point-To-Point; in which only two devices are directly connected together.
Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL); with up to 127 devices on a single network. Each device must arbitrate to grain access to the loop.
Fabric; The Switch used to interconnect the devices.

SCSI-FCP ANSI X3.269-1996 Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI
FC-FP ANSI X3.254-1994 Fibre Channel - Mapping - to HIPPI-FC
FC-AE ANSI xxxxx Fibre Channel Avionics Environment
FC-PI ANSI xxxxx Fibre Channel Physical Interfaces

Fibre Channel Layers:
FC-0: Physical Layer [Transmitters, Receivers], Signaling
FC-1: Transmission Protocol, 8B/10B character encoding
FC-2: Signaling Protocol, Media Access Control (MAC), Frame format, Sequence management, Exchange management, Flow Control
FC-3: Services for multiple ports on one node
FC-4: Upper Layer Protocol (ULP) mapping, SCSI, IP, ATM, HIPPI, IEEE 802.2

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Gigabit Interface IC's; FiberChannel

Interface Definitions:
XAUI 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface
XGMII 10 Gigabit Media Independent Interface
XGXS XGMII Extender Sublayer [XGMII-to-Xaui Transceiver]
XSBI 10 Gigabit Sixteen Bit Interface

Altera {10 Gigabit Fibre Channel FC-1 Core, 10-GFC FPGA Core}

Intel {XAUI to 10G Serial Transceiver}


LSI Corporation {Fiber Channel Controller IC}

TriQuint {10GFC XAUI Transceiver Manufacturer}

PMC-Sierra, Inc. {3.2 Gbit/s SERDES 10GFC IC Manufacturer}

Silicon Laboratories {Fibre Channel Clock Regenerator}

Vitesse {10GFC IC Manufacturer}

IC Manufacturers {All other types}

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Online Standards Info; GBFC; FiberChannel

Fibre Channel, 10 Gigabit (10GFC)

The specification for 10GFC listed above provides extensions to the signaling and physical layers of the original Fibre Channel standard,
The link points to a description.

Draft Specifications may be located at www.t11.org

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Gigabit Optical Transceiver

Agilent Technologies {10 Gigabit pluggable optical transceivers}

JDS Uniphase Corporation {Transceiver, 10 GbE/FC, XFP, 1310 nm }

Intel {10Gbps XFP Optical Transceiver}

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. {10Gbps Optical Devices, XENPAK Transceiver Module}

NEC Corp. {10Gbps Optical Devices, XENPAK Transceiver Module, SC / LC Interfaces}

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10G Optical Module Form Factors: [Length x Width]
SFP: 16mm x 42mm
XFP: 23.5mm x 67mm
X2: 42mm x 79mm
XPAK: 42mm x 72mm
XENPAK: 47mm x 118mm
A description of Optical Transceivers is listed on the 10G Optical Module Form Factors page

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