On-Board Diagnostics II Bus

On-Board Diagnostics [OBD] is a vehicle bus used to monitor engine functions. OBD II is the second generation of that interface. The picture below shows a male OBDII to male DB15 pin Cable assembly

OBDII Cable Assembly
Male OBDII to Male DB15 Cable Assembly

Note the size of the cable, or its thickness. The cable diameter indicates that the interface is using a small gauge wire or the individual wires are not shielded, or both.

Note that there are two different size 15-pin D connectors. A standard size, two row connector; 2-Row DB15 Connector, and a high density three row connector; 3-Row DB15 Connector [both links provide a mechanical drawing and the pin locations]. The standard size, 2-row connector using size 20 contacts is used with this OBDII cable [as seen in the picture]. Showing the connector graphic is of course is the point of the posting.

Additional OBDII cable assemblies
OBDII to DB15 pin Cable [3 inch cable]
Female OBDII to 2x2 pin Cable, used in VW cars
Right Angle Male OBDII to DB-9pin Cable
Male OBDII to DB9-pin Cable right angle
Male OBDII to Male DB9-pin Cable
Male OBDII to Female OBDII Cable
BMW to Female OBDII Cable, used in BMW cars

There are number of OBDII connector styles, this page show one type.

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