15-Pin D-Sub Connector

15-Pin D-Sub Connector, Size 20 Contacts, Insert Arrangements

15-Pin D-Sub Connector, Standard Density 15-pin Dsub connector Insert Arrangments
15-Pin D-Subminiature Pin Locations

This D-Sub connector may be terminated using any of the following terminal styles; Crimp, Solder, Insulation displacement contact (IDC), or Printed wiring board (PWB).
There are three general types; Standard density (size 20 contacts), High density (size 22D contacts), and Standard density (size 20 IDC contacts).
The Standard density style is shown above, along with pin spacing. The link to the more common, high density, 15 pin D sub connector is provided on the left.

The DA-15 pin connector did not see widespread usage in the commercial market place.
The only noticeable area this connector was found in was with computer gaming.
Some PC expansion boards used as sound cards carried this connector as a Joystick Interface, as in a mechanical interface in PC gaming [also shown on the MIDI description page]. Another common application of a standard 15 pin connector is with an Ethernet AUI Interface. Although the AUI connector is not used as much as it once was, when 10Base2 was in common usage.

D-sub Connector Pinouts, or pin locations [all D-sub sizes];
D-Sub Connector Insert Arrangements [D-Subminiature sizes]

Military Specification: MIL-DTL-24308; [Rack and Panel Non-environmental, Miniature, Polarized Shell, Rectangular Electric Connectors]

Design note; As with all the other D-sub style connectors in this family or defined by the DOD spec above, they are no longer being used in main-stream commercial designs. And in fact, it would seem that many military designs are moving toward the micro-D connectors that came out several years ago. Of course military gear is fielded for years and decades at a time. The MIL-24308 family of component specifications is still in service and is actively being updated. There will be a need for this connector for years to come to support equipment already fielded as either replacement parts or new components to interface to legacy gear already developed. However on the commercial side, this connector is a 40 year old relic, obsolete and larger than any other style carrying twice the connections.

In other words, unless the design requirements directly call out using a DA-15 connector, do not specify one in the design. Using this connector would in fact be designing in obsolescence. However if a cable in the system is already using the mate to this interface than there is little that can be done, other that using a cable adapter or some dongle. But adding a conversion into a military design is never a good idea, if only because of the added complexity and documentation needed to support the change.

Panel Mount 15-pin Dsub connector for Ethernet
15-Pin D-Sub Connector

Design Hint;
D-sub connectors are out dated.
Use D-sub connectors in legacy designs.

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