On-Board Diagnostics II Bus

On-Board Diagnostics [OBD] is a vehicle bus used to monitor engine functions. OBD II is the second generation of that interface. The graphic below details a narrow OBDII female connector to VW 2x2 connector Cable assembly. Obviously only four of the signals are used on the VW side of the interface; however it is not known what those signals are.

OBDII to VW Cable Assembly
Narrow OBDII connector to Volkswagen 2x2 Cable Assembly

This style of Adaptor cable with PVC molded OBDII female connector to 2X2 pin sockets is used for older models of AUDI and VW cars with 2X2 pin plugs.

This is one of several pages showing OBDII cable assemblies
OBDII to DB15 pin Cable
Right Angle Male OBDII to DB-9pin Cable
Male OBDII to DB9-pin Cable right angle
Male OBDII to Male DB9-pin Cable
Male OBDII to Male DB15-pin Cable
Male OBDII to Female OBDII Cable
BMW to Female OBDII Cable

It's common to see the physical connector to the OBDII interface change depending on the vehicle. The OBDII electrical interface remains the same regardless of the auto manufacturer.

German manufacturer of automobiles
VW; Volkswagen, Volkswagen Passenger Cars
VWCV; Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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