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This is a general listing of Fan Tray Manufacturers. The listing is subdivided into Fans, and Blowers and Fan Trays.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

Fan Tray Manufacturers

An indexed listing of companies which produce Chassis and Cases
A fan tray is normally considered to be a small case that holds some number of fans.
In most cases a fan tray is rack mountable and used to move air within an equipment rack.


Bud Industries
{19" rack mountable, 1¾ inch Fan Trays, 3, 6 or 9 fans}

Control Resources Inc.
{19" Rackmount 1U high fan trays with up to six fans. Provides up to 800 CFM}

Data and Power Solutions Ltd
{Manufactures Roof / rack mounted fan trays}

Degree Controls, Inc 'degreeC'
{design and manufacture of Fan Tray Assemblies for the communications industry}

GardTec, Inc.
{Cooling fan trays for 19" rack enclosures. Modular 115VAC / 230VAC, 330 CFM per tray}

Hammond Mfg Co Inc
{Standard 19" rack mount 1U Panel Mount Fan Trays, 3, 6 and 9 fan units}

Kooltronic Inc.
{19-inch width in single U height,1 ¾"}

Olson Electronics Ltd.
{1U 240V AC 50/60 Hz Fan Trays; standard / low noise fans in 3, 6 and 9 fan configurations}

Orion Fans
{3, 6 or 9-Fan units. AC/DC Fan Tray Manufacturer, 110V/220 Voltage}

Fan-Trays are rack-mountable trays that contain some number of fans. Common size fan-trays contain 3, 6 or 9 fans.
Three fans would be in a single row, 6 fans would be in two rows and 9 fans would be in three separate rows of fans.
Of course the number of fans in the tray effect the depth of the tray, with 3 rows being the deepest.
Most fans in a fan tray are AC fans, so the Fan Tray does not require a Power Supply, or place a load on any rack supply.
The fan tray pictured at the top of the page is 2U high, however most fan trays will be 1U high [without any controls or indicators].

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Fans are divided into either AC or DC type fans;

Brushless DC fans are available at three nominal voltages: 12V, 24V and 48V. The speed and airflow of a typical DC fan is proportional to the voltage supplied. The life expectancy of a DC fan is higher than that of a comparable AC fan, independent of the type of bearing system employed, since DC fans are up to five times as efficient. How ever DC fans have much higher starting torque than AC fans.

Both ball bearings and sintered sleeve bearings are employed in fans, each sufficiently lubricated for the intended service life. In general, ball bearings provide a higher life expectancy than normal sleeve bearings. Fans configurations are listed below:

Axial fans are used where high air flow under low pressure is needed. Sub-classification according to impeller type;
.....Propeller fans: Most economical and least efficient
.....Tubeaxial fans: Consists of an impeller rotating within a cylindrical housing, more efficient than a Propeller alone
.....Vaneaxial fans: A Tubeaxial fan with guide vanes making it more efficient
.....Multi-Stage axial blowers: Two or more Vaneaxial fans mounted on a common shaft

This is a general listing of Fan Tray Manufacturers.
The listing is sub-divided into either Fans manufacturers, Fan Tray manufacturers, and Accessories [thermal product line] manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

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