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Ametek {AC/DC Brushless Electronically Commutated Blowers for Medical Equipment, Printing Equipment, Material Handling, Fuel Cell. Mil/Spec Brushless Centrifugal and Radial Blowers for Military, Aerospace, and Telecommunications Applications}

Comair Rotron {AC/DC Blowers}

ebm/PAPST {Combustion Air Blower, Crossflow Blower, Hot Air Fans/Blowers, Motorized Impeller}

ETRI {AC/DC Centrifugal Blowers, DC Cross Flow Blowers}

Kooltronic Inc. {Basic Blowers: Single Centrifugal, High Pressure Centrifugal, High Pressure Radial, Double Centrifugal, Quadruplex Centrifugal, Backward Curved Impeller Blowers. Packaged Blowers; Standard Twin Packaged Blowers, Recessed Twin Packaged Blowers, EMI/RFI Shielded Twin Packaged Blowers}

Purdy Electronics Corp. {AC/DC Radial (centrifugal) Blowers}

Pentair {19 inch Rackmount blowers}

Sanyo Denki America, Inc. {Blower Fan}


Fans are divided into either AC or DC type fans;

Brushless DC fans are available at three nominal voltages: 12V, 24V and 48V. The speed and airflow of a typical DC fan is proportional to the voltage supplied.
The life expectancy of a DC fan is higher than that of a comparable AC fan, independent of the type of bearing system employed, since DC fans are up to five times as efficient.
How ever DC fans have much higher starting torque than AC fans.

Both ball bearings and sintered sleeve bearings are employed in fans, each sufficiently lubricated for the intended service life.
In general, ball bearings provide a higher life expectancy than normal sleeve bearings. Fans configurations are listed below:

Axial fans are used where high air flow under low pressure is needed. Sub-classification according to impeller type;
.....Propeller fans: Most economical and least efficient
.....Tubeaxial fans: Consists of an impeller rotating within a cylindrical housing, more efficient than a Propeller alone
.....Vaneaxial fans: A Tubeaxial fan with guide vanes making it more efficient
.....Multi-Stage axial blowers: Two or more Vaneaxial fans mounted on a common shaft

Radial fans produce lower air flow than axial types, but under higher pressure.
Centrifugal fans use a centrifugal fan impeller inclosed within a housing. It is designed to move air over a wide range of volumes and pressures.
The air is drawn in axially and discharged radially or drawn in radially and discharged axially by centrifugal force through an outlet in the housing.
Impeller fans: A fan with blades or vanes equally spaced radially around the periphery of a hub, flange, or rotor. It is the rotating part of an axial type fan which creates a flow of air to the axis of rotation.

Rack Mount Dual Blower

A list of Fan Blower manufacturers and vendors. The types of products or components the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon. All pages list OEM's [Original Equipment Manufacturers] Companies, second source or re-sellers are not listed. OEM parts and electronic equipment Distributors may be found by hitting the Distributors icon below.

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