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This is a general listing of manufacturers producing Fan Accessories.
Basically the products include items required by fans to support their installation onto a panel or chassis.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

FAN Accessories Vendors

{Impeller Manufacturer}

Globefan Technology Co., Ltd.
{metal Fan Guard, Plastic Fan Finger Guard}

Mechatronics Inc.
{metal Fan Guard, Plastic Fan Guard}

Orion Fans
{metal/Wire Mesh Fan Guard-Filter Kits}

Qualtek Electronics Corp.
{Aluminum Filters-Power Cords-Wire/Plastic Guards-Filter Assemblies-Grills}

Sanyo Denki America, Inc.
{Fan Grills}

{Fan Grill Manufacturer}

Fan Information

Round Fan Guard

Axial Fan Shroud: A component designed to enclose an axial impeller both for protection and to direct airflow/circulation in a specific direction.

Fan Guard: A finger guard a metal grid or metal mesh that prevents objects from touching the rotating fan blades.

Impeller Fan Guard: A safety device specifically designed to protect or shield a fan impeller from physical damage and/or prevent possible injury to personnel while the fan is in operation. It may consist of a wire-guard or screen grill.

Fan guards are plastic or metal and are specified by the size of the fan. Fan guards may be a simple metal grid used for protection or a fine mesh screen. Mesh screens are also used to filter contaminants and provide EMI filtering. A fan guard may also be supplied in pieces, as in an inner fan blade guard, followed by a Polyurethane Foam filter, than an outer retainer to hold the filter in place.
A fan guard is a safety device specifically designed to protect or shield a fan impeller from physical damage and/or prevent possible injury to personnel while the fan is in operation.

Fans are divided into either AC or DC type fans;

Brushless DC fans are available at three nominal voltages: 12V, 24V and 48V. The speed and airflow of a typical DC fan is proportional to the voltage supplied. The life expectancy of a DC fan is higher than that of a comparable AC fan, independent of the type of bearing system employed, since DC fans are up to five times as efficient. How ever DC fans have much higher starting torque than AC fans.
Both ball bearings and sintered sleeve bearings are employed in fans, each sufficiently lubricated for the intended service life. In general, ball bearings provide a higher life expectancy than normal sleeve bearings. Fans configurations are listed below:

Axial fans are used where high air flow under low pressure is needed. Sub-classification according to impeller type;
.....Propeller fans: Most economical and least efficient fan style
.....Tubeaxial fans: Consists of an impeller rotating within a cylindrical housing, more efficient than a Propeller alone
.....Vaneaxial fans: A Tubeaxial fan with guide vanes making it more efficient
.....Multi-Stage axial blowers: Two or more Vaneaxial fans mounted on a common shaft

Radial fans produce lower air flow than axial types, but under higher pressure.

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