Front Panel Description

Front panels are attached to the face of the circuit card and used as face plates so the CCA can be attached to a chassis card cage. Front Panels may be blank or contain cut-outs for components, mezzanine cards or connector pins.
Refer to the Filler Panel page to cover empty chassis slots.

Front Panel Manufacturers

Gompf Brackets
{CompactPCI front panels and PMC bezels, Face-plates}

Keystone Electronics Corp.
{PC Card Computer Brackets, EISA/ISA, PCI}

Phillips Components,Inc
{cPCI Front Panel, VME Front Panels, PMC Bezel Panels, PCI Brackets}

Pixus Technologies
{AdvancedTCA Faceplates, cPCI Front Panel, VME Front Panels}

Design Guideline; If required specify that the card cage is recessed back from the front of the chassis. A recessed card cage or subrack will tend to keep operators from bumping into any controls or cables located on the front panels of the cards installed in the chassis.

Design Comment; If a Flush vertical subrack is ordered there will be no room for the installation of a front door to the chassis and a Flush vertical subrack will also expose front mounted components or cables to damage.

Design Recommendation; Always request a recessed subrack when a front door is used with an equipment chassis. If the subrack is not recessed there will be no room for any cable bend radius for cables running from front panel to front panel. The distance the card cage should be recessed off the front of the chassis depends on the bend radius of the cables used.

Design Consideration; Requesting a recessed card cage may require the chassis to grow in length. Normally making the chassis longer will have no effect because an equipment rack is always much deeper than an equipment chassis. However; an over-sized chassis my need to be special order, and my no longer be COTS equipment. Also, there may be weight requirements that need to be considered when designing a chassis.

Bulkhead Mount LED
Panel Mount LED

Manufacturers of Card Cage Blank Panels

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