Heat Shrink Manufacturers

3M {Adhesive-lined tubing, Bus Bar Tubing, Polyolefin Tubing, Heat Shrinkable Molded Shapes}

Daburn {Heat Shrink Tubing}

Hilltop Insulation Sleeving Products {Heat Shrinkable Tubing, Shapes & End Caps, Silicone, Neoprene, PVC, Expandable Braiding, Convoluted and PTFE.}

Qualtek Electronics {Heat Shrinkable Tubing, Single/Double wall}

Texloc {Fluoro-plastic Heat Shrink Tubing - PTFE, FEP, PFA, MFA}

Tyco {Heat Shrink Tubing}

Heat Shrink Tubing: can be made of any number of materials. Shrink tubing reduces in size when heated. Once the tube is reduced in size, it remains that shape as the heat is removed. Some types include; Neoprene, polyolefin.

Heat Shrink Tubing should only be expected to shrink down a certain percentage of its final shape. In general a 20 percent reduction in diameter should be expected. Check the data sheets if the application requires greater than a 20 percent reduction in size. Note that as the material is reduced in diameter, its length may grow.

Military Specification
MS23053 [or M23053/x-y-0]
x: 1 to 15 [indicates the slash sheet, the individual specification]
y: 101 to 311 [a pointer that indicates the inside Diameter]
0: used to indicate color.

Topic of Interest; Cable Assembly Issues in Chassis Design.

The company selected to fabricate an equipment chassis is going to use shrink tubing to what ever process they design to. So if you have specific requirements for the use of heat shrink tubing, that information needs to be inserted into the design specification. If the tubing needs to be a certain material, color or applied to certain wires that type of information needs to be added to the specification.

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