Cable Assemblies

Custom Cable Assemblies can add a significant increase to the cost of an equipment chassis. In many cases; Front panel to Front Panel cables can be Off-The-Shelf cables and come with a small cost impact. While [rear] backplane to chassis back-panel cables are almost always custom.
The large cost increase comes regardless of the backplane style, due to the fact that the required chassis bulk-head connectors vary from design to design even if the CCA backplane is defined in some standard.
Many chassis vendors will supply cable assemblies with the chassis, if they are in the Request For Quote [RFQ]. Some vendors will do the work in house, while some will out-source the cabling work. In either case, if the cables are listed in the chassis spec, than they will be supplied with the completed chassis.
Plan for 20 to 30 percent of the entire cost of the chassis to account for custom cable assemblies. Cable Derating Guide Lines

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Cable Considerations

Cable Insulation; Be sure to specify the cable insulation if it's important to the finished design. A military spec chassis may preclude the use of PVC because of the amount of smoke PVC produces when it catches fire. Changes from PVC to Teflon insulation could add cost to the system at the last minute.

Cable Color Coding; If the individual wires need a particular color code, or if a wire bundle need to be a certain wire color code than call that out in the chassis specification. Some MIL Specs require Cable Bundle jacket color coding; individual cable bundle jackets shall be color coded for identification in accordance with EIA/TIA-598. EIA-598 will also apply to Ribbon fiber color coding and fiber Binders. In many cases the cable jacket will be Black.
See also Wire Selection

Cable Labeling; Don't forget to call out any printed labels required on the cable. In most cases the source and destination will need to be called out on either side of the cable:
Fiber optic cables shall be identified in such a way to distinguish these cables from wire or coaxial cables.
Cable connectors shall be permanently marked with mating connector designation within 15 cm (6 in) of connector body, or as stated in the engineering documentation.

Do the cables require a particular Back Shell, will the back shell and cable bend radius fit within the chassis.

Cable Binding; Normally individual wires or cable groups need to be secured together or secured to the chassis wall.

Cable Sleeving
Spiral Wrap Cable Sleeving

Also refer to the section on Cable Harness considerations.

Cable Ferrites Manufacturers
Connector Environmental Protection Ratings
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