Diode Package Styles

DO-205 Diode Package

Diode Package DO-205 Case style, Through-Hole

D0-205AA Diode package
DO-205AA Diode

The DO-205 package is a High Power Bolt-Mount device, with a flexible lead connecting one of the terminals. The DO-205 may be bolted to either a copper pad on a Printed Wiring Board or metal Panel to aid in dissipating heat.
Terminal 1 is the cable, Terminal 2 is the stud [bolt] of the DO-205 device.
Take note of the diameter of the flexible lead; although the cut-out in the tab will not handle quite that large a gauge wire, the cut-out is really meant to be bolted down to a large metal plate to aid in heat dissipation.

Stud Mount. A type of package which provides a method of readily attaching one surface of the semiconductor device to a heat sink to increase heat dissipation and achieve thermal management of the case temperature.
This package style or mounting type is also called a Screw Mount, Stud Mount, Bolt Mount, Chassis Mount or Panel Mount package. The stud of the DO-205 package is threaded, as are other similar stud mount packages. The typical stud is a 10-32.

Note that the data sheet for these devices may indicate a DO-9 case out-line, which is the former JEDEC designation for a DO-205AB.

Example Power Rectifier Diodes using the DO-205 package include; 1N3164, 1N3168, 1N3170, 1N3172, 1N3174, 1N3175, 1N3176, and 1N3177. For completeness these devices will handle a current of 300 amps DC [to 120 degrees Centigrade] or 200 amps DC [to 150 degrees Centigrade]; with a notation to derate linearity at 4.0 A dc/C for +150�C up to 200C, or 3.33 A dc/C for +120�C up to 150C. With the maximum junction temperature of 200 degrees centigrade.

Editor comment; unless otherwise indicated no attempt has been made to insure any part numbers provided are still in production, or in stock and available for purchase. The components are only examples that use, or have used this package outline. However some of the topics in this section do indicate when a part is obsolete and no longer in production, but does not indicate that a vendor may still have product to ship.

Threaded Stud Mount

D0-205 Diode package Dimensions
DO-205 Diode

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