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A General listing of Diode Manufacturers, Vendors and Related sites.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

Diode Manufacturers

Zener Diode manufacturers are listed on the Zener Diode manufacturers page.
LED manufacturers are listed under Components/Passive/LED's-Displays
ESD, EMI and Surge issues try Circuit Protection page.
The links above point to specific uses and types of diodes.

Companies making semiconductor diodes:
ABB Semiconductors AG {Fast Recovery Diode - Rectifier Diode - Welding Diode Manufacturer}

Advanced Semiconductor Inc. 'ASI' {Microwave Diodes}

Aeroflex {PIN, NIP, and Schottky Diodes, Microwave Devices}

Central Semiconductor {Switching Diodes-Schottky Diode-Low Leakage Diode-Stabistor Diodes-Zener Diodes-Rectifier Diodes-Current Limiting-Bridge}

Cheng-Yi Electronic Co. Ltd. {Diode Rectifier Manufacturer, many types}

Compensated Devices Inc. see Microsemi

Cree Inc. {Silicon Carbide Schottky diodes; voltage rating of 300, 600, 1200volts; current rating from 1, 20amps}

Diodes Inc. {Switching Diodes-Schottky Diodes-Rectifiers Fast/Super-Fast/Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Schottky Rectifier, Bridge Rectifier manufacturer}

Diotec GmbH {Diodes-Bridge Rectifieres-bridges-Arrays}

Edal Industries {Mfg. of Diodes, Bridges, Power Rectifiers, High Voltage Assemblies and Special Designs}

Electronic Devices Inc. 'EDI' {Axial Lead Rectifiers-Fast Recovery-Ultra-Fast Recovery-High-Voltage Assemblies}

Fuji Electric Corp. of America {Diodes, Fast Recovery, Schottky, high-voltage diodes}

Infineon Technologies {PIN Diodes-Schottky Diodes-Tuning Diode-RF Diode Manufacturer, Diode Bridge-AC Switch}

International Rectifier {Medium and high power rectifier manufacturer}

Intersil {Ultra Fast-Hyperfast-General Purpose Diode Manufacturer}

Littelfuse {TVS}

Microsemi {Schottky-Rectifier-Signal-PIN-High Voltage-TVS-Array-Bridge-Varistor...}

Mitsubishi Semiconductor {Diode Manufacturer}

MOSPEC Semiconductor {Schottky Barrier Rectifiers, Ultra-fast Rectifier, Fast Recovery Rectifiers}

Mpulse Microwave {Schottky Diode Manufacturer}

Naina Semiconductor Limited {Axial lead plastic diodes, metal diodes,Bridges, Auto diodes, Modules}

NEC {Diode Manufacturer}

Nihon Inter Electronics Corp {Discrete and Modules packages}

Noise Com {Noise Diode Manufacturer}

NTE {Zener Diodes-GP-Temp compensated Diode-PIN Diode-Surge Clamping Diode-Tuner}

NTT Electronics Corporation 'NEL' {Photodiode Manufacturer}

NXP {Power Diode Manufacturer}

ON Semiconductor {Rectifier Diode - TVS}

PAN JIT International Inc. {Bridge-Standard-Fast/Super/Ultra Fast Rectifier-Transient Voltage Suppressors-Schottky Barrier}

Powerex {Standard Speed Diode - Fast Rectifier Diode Manufacturer}

Rectron {Bridge-Fast/Super Fast Recovery-Glass Passivated-High Voltage-Schottky-Signal-Switching Diode}

Renesas Technology Corp {High Frequency Diode-Vari Cap Diodes-PIN-Diodes-Schottky Barrier Diode-Small Signal Diode}

ROHM {Switching Diode, Schottky Diode, Rectifier Diode}

Semelab {High Rel modules and discrete components}

Semikron Inc {Diode, Rectifier Diode}

Semtech Corp. {Rectifier Diodes-TVS}

Sensitron Semiconductor {Diode Manufacturer}

Shindengen {Tele-com Rectifier Diodes-Schottky/Fast Recovery Diodes-Bridge-Surge Protection}

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. {Schottky Diodes - PIN Diode Manufacturer}

Solid State Devices Inc. {Schottky Diodes - Rectifier Diodes - Bridge Rectifier Devices}

Solitron Devices Inc. {Diodes - Rectifier - Power Schottky Rectifiers - Rectifier Assemblies}

STMicroelectronics {Power Diodes -Signal Schottky-Power Schottky-UltaFast-TurboSwitch-Zener-ASD}

Surge Components Inc. {General Purpose-Schottky-Fast/Super Recovery-Bridge Rectifiers-TVS-Zener-Switching}

Taiwan Semiconductor Co. {Rectifier Diodes - Silicon Bridge Rectifier Devices}

Vishay {Schottky Diodes/Rectifiers-SuperFast/UltraFast Recovery Rectifiers-Bridge-Switching-TVS}

Voltage Multiplies, Inc. {High Voltage Diodes, QPL Diodes}

Westcode {Rectifier Diode-Fast Recovery Diode Manufacturer}


Diode types, by symbol;

Diode Types by Function Symbol

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Glossary of Terms {Definition of Diode Types}

A diode is a two terminal device using a PN junction. Diodes may be made from Silicon, Germanium, Selenium, or Gallium Arsenide.
Most diodes will be made of Silicon. Normally a forward voltage drop of 0.7 volts will be seen with Silicon Diodes, and a forward voltage drop of 0.3 volts will be seen with Germanium Diodes.
Diode types:

Bridge Diode: A package that contains a number of diodes which are connected in a Bridge.

Rectifier Diode: Heavy duty [high current] used to convert AC to DC

Tunnel Diode: Has a negative resistance region.
The current through the diode increases up to a certain voltage, than with increasing voltage the current decreases until a voltage point is reached and the current begins to increase again

Zener Diode: Designed to conduct in the reverse [bias] direction: with a precise breakdown voltage [Vz]

Varactor Diode: 'Varicap' or 'VVC', Voltage [dependent] variable capacitor [varies in picofarads]

Schottky Diode: A Schottky Diode is designed with a rapid turn on and off once the threshold voltage is reached

Light Emitting Diode: 'LED', Gives off light when energized [forward biased]

High Voltage Diode: A diode having a High Working Reverse Voltage, over 1000 volts.

Silicon Carbide Diode: A diode that uses SiC as the semiconductor material.

Sinterglass Diode: A glass-body diode, using glass made by Sintering.

Standard Diode: A term used to describe a general purpose diode that does not fall into a sub-category, as in Schottky, Fast and so on.

Photodiode: Operated in reverse-bias, reverse current increases 'almost' linearly with increase in incident light

Varistor: Resistance [flow of current] changes as a function of applied voltage voltage. A varistor may also be called a VDR [Voltage Dependent Resistor]. Varistors will have a negative voltage coefficient [high resistance at low voltages and a low resistance at high voltages].

metal Oxide Varistor: [MOV] See listing above. MOV devices are used in parallel with the load as protection.

Transient Voltage Suppressor: 'TVS', Designed to absorb a transient over-voltage. The device may be designed as Uni-Polar device protecting in one direction or a Bi-Polar device protecting the circuit in both directions. TVS manufacturers are listed on the Transient Voltage Suppressor page [Nonlinear Resistor Manufacturers]. TVS devices are used in parallel with the load.

Definitions by application, include:
Clamping Diode: A diode used to limit the peak voltage on a line to a predetermined maximum voltage.
Welding Diode: A diode with a very large forward current rating.

JESD282B [2002]. Silicon Rectifier Diodes; defining; definitions, electrical characteristics circuit technology, letter symbols and registration format for diodes and stacks.
The old standard name was ANSI-EIA-282.

Diode Derating Guide Lines {How to Derate diodes based on temperature},
Diode Derating Curves [Power dissipation curves vs. Temperature]
Diode Part Numbers by Function [A listing on the companion site, leaves this site]

This page provides a listing of Electronic Diode Manufacturers. The products or diode types the companies produces are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order. The EMI/RFI device manufacturers page may also list some diode manufacturers. The Circuit Protection page may have additional sources for manufacturers. Additional electronic component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or electronic Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

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