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DO-203 Diode

Diode Package DO-203 Bolt Mount Case style

DO-203 Bolt-Mount Diode Package outline and dimensions table
DO-203 Diode, Stud Mount

The bolt [K] is a 10-32 threaded bolt, using a 10-32NF-2B nut. The number 10 refers to the size of the bolt, and the number 32 refers to the number of threads per inch.

The wire terminal is specified with a minimum hole diameter of 0.060 inches from the dimensions table, although there is no maximum provided. The nearest wire gauge to 0.060 inches is 15 gauge wire with a diameter of 57.1 mils.

Refer to the table of Copper Wire Gauges for a list of gauges and wire diameters.

The DO-203 package is a Bolt-Mount Through-Hole component for PWB or Panel mount uses. A DO-203 package is similar to a DO-4 package with different dimensions.
The DO-203 style may also be found designated as a DO-4 component. The case DO-4 is the old JEDEC reference for this package style, so older devices may indicate a DO-4 package while newer devices may indicate a DO-203 package in the data sheet.

Stud Mount. A type of package which provides a method of readily attaching one surface of the semiconductor device to a heat-sink or conductive surface to achieve thermal management of the case temperature. This style of package is normally used with medium to high power devices.
The DO-203 package may also be called a Screw Mount, Stud Mount, Bolt Mount, or Panel Mount device. The DO-203 package requires a heavy gauge wire to connect the eyelet terminal to the circuit.

Semiconductor Components; Diodes that use the DO-203 package include; 1N1202A, 1N1204A, 1N1206A, 1N3671A, 1N3673A, 1N1124A, 1N1126A, 1N1128A, 1N3649A, 1N3650A

Fast-Recovery High-Current Diode 1N6304, 1N6305, 1N6306

Bolt Mount Packages; There are a number of other case styles that use the bolt mount case. Use the link to diode package to find a similar package. All the two terminal diode packages have two terminals, but there are three terminal packages that look much like the package above. The three terminal cases have the same bolt style mounting and sometimes has a wire terminal, but also has a wire lead for the third terminal.

Threaded Stud Mount
.. Threaded Bolt

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