RF Terminator Manufacturers

RF Loads & Terminators

{RF Terminators, Coaxial Adapters, DC Blocks}

{RF Terminators, Coaxial Adapters}

MECA Electronics Inc.
{RF Terminations, N-Type, SMA, BNC, TNC, RP-TNC, QMA, 7/17 DIN. 50 ohm}

EMC Technology
{Manufacturer of surface mount, chip, and pill terminations, Frequency Range from DC to 26.5 GHz}

Pulsar Microwave Corp.
{SMA Bias Tees and DC Blocks}

Terminations are also known as loads, dummy loads, or terminators, and are available in a number of different connector styles.

A DC Block will use a capacitor in series with the line to block any DC, in effect a high pass filter. When the capacitor used to block DC is in the signal line the device is called an Inside DC Block. A DC block may also utilize a blocking capacitor in the return line, which might also be used as the ground path. The component is called an Outside DC Block when placing the capacitor in series with the return line. A device may also contain a combination of both types of DC blocks, with a capacitor in both the return line and signal line.

A Bias Tee adds a DC voltage to one port and a DC Block to another port.

A coaxial adapter is a connector that changes between styles; an SMA to BNC adapter for example. An in-series adapter changes gender within the same style; a BNC plug to BNC jack for example.

A listing of RF Terminator Module Manufacturers and vendors. The types of Terminators are listed under the company name in alphabetic order.
RF Attenuator Manufacturers, or RF Component Manufacturers

Different arrangments for a DC Block capacitor
DC Block Schematic

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