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This is a listing of Manufacturers that produce RF Modules, and Microwave Devices.
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Pin Diode: A Pin Diode behaves like a capacitor when no bias is applied and behaves like an inductor with no bias.
A Pin Diode is a current controlled resistance. PIN [positive intrinsic negative], referring to the diode's construction.
RFIC: RF IC, Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit.
Absorptive Switches Absorptive switches incorporate 50 ohm terminations in each output port, presenting a low VSWR in its OFF and ON position.
Reflective Switches Reflective switches conduct RF power when the diode is reverse biased and reflect RF power when forward biased.
Fail-Safe Switches are used when requirements dictate the switch return to the normally closed position when actuator power is removed.
Latching Switches [pulse latching], the switch remains in a preselected position whenever the actuating voltage is removed or interrupted,
and holds that preselected position until a voltage is applied to another position.
Insertion Loss The difference in power level between a device being inserted in the transmission path and, not being inserted in the transmission path.
Isolation the RF leakage from the path in use to another device outside the path
VSWR [Voltage Standing Wave Ratio] amount of reflected signal [Return Loss] in a transmission line. [Z - Zo] / [Z + Zo]
Common connector types used with Coaxial Switches are; SMA and Type N connectors.

RF Modules and components

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