RF Attenuator Manufacturers

Advanced Technical Materials 'ATM'
{RF Coaxial Attenuators; Fixed, Continuously Variable, & Rotary Variable / Step}

{Fixed Attenuators, 2-100 watts, Matching Pads, PIN Diode Attenuators}

Cougar Components Corp.
{Voltage controlled 50 ohm RF Attenuator Modules, Surface mount, TO-8, & SMA packages}

G.T. Microwave Inc.
{Pin Diode Absorptive Attenuators, Current Controlled, Voltage Controlled, and Digital Controlled Attenuators}

MECA Electronics Inc.
{Fixed Attenuators, N-Type, SMA, BNC, TNC, 7/16 DIN, RP-TNC, QMA}

Pulsar Microwave Corp.
{RF/Microwave PIN Diode Attenuator Manufacturer. Voltage/Digital Controlled}

Spectrum Microwave, Inc.
{RF Attenuators; Digital Attenuators, Voltage Variable (Analog) Attenuators, Linearizers, Linearized Attenuator}

Varaiable Step Attenuator, Coaxial toggle switch type
Variable Step Attenuator

Specification tips; Define the package or Connector style, Power absorption, and VSWR.
Attenuators are classified as either fixed or variable and either reflective or non-reflective for both waveguide and coaxial systems.

Fixed attenuators have fixed input and output impedances.
Variable attenuators can be subdivided into two kinds: step attenuator and continuously variable attenuator. A variable attenuator, in this context, is not a passive component but an active device using FETs and diodes. Step attenuators also also sub-divided into the number of steps they offer; switch positions on a rotary device, or switch positions on a device using toggle switches.

The style of RF Connector needs to be specified as it could be any of a number of types. Although the actual type might be determined by the frequency range of the attenuator. Also refer to the list of Companies making RF Connectors.
Additional RF Component Manufacturers, by type and vendor.

A reflective attenuator reflects some portion of the input power back to the driving source. The amount reflected is a function of the attenuation level.

MIL-DTL-3933 Attenuators, Fixed General Specification for (M3933/14-): [general requirements for radio and microwave frequency fixed attenuators, including chip, coaxial, leaded, and relay header attenuators]

A listing of RF Attenuator Manufacturers. The types of Microwave Attenuator Modules are listed under the company name in alphabetic order.

Fixed BNC Coaxial Attenuator
Fixed BNC Attenuators

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