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xD Picture Card, Description

xD Picture Card is another type of removable flash memory card. The xD Picture Card format is primarily used with digital cameras; however that also means that the reader shows up on printers and personal computers. I understand that currently only two camera manufacturers use the xD format. The media reader on my personal computer and printer have a slot which accepts an xD Picture Card flash module.

The xD Picture Card card dimensions are: 0.79 x 0.98 x .067 in.
The memory size may vary, but currently ships as either 512MB, 256MB, or 128M Bytes of flash memory.
There are number of other card types in this family, refer to the Flash Memory Stick Formats.
Refer to the graphic below for a comparison of the different sizes of flash memory.

xD Picture Card Pinout
Pin # Pin name Signal Function
1 Vcc Power
2 D7 Data7
3 D6 Data6
4 D5 Data5
5 D4 Data4
6 D3 Data3
7 D2 Data2
8 D1 Data1
9 D0 Data0
10 GND Ground
11 -WP Write Protect
12 -WE Write Enable
13 ALE Address Latch Enable
14 CLE Command Latch Enable
15 -CE Card Enable
16 -RE Read Enable
17 R/-B Ready/-Busy (Open-drain)
18 GND Ground (+Presence detect)

Comparison of Removable Memory Card sizes with Board Dimension
Flash Memory Card Comparison

Note; 'xD' could also mean 'extreme Digital'

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