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A listing of Video Cable Manufacturers.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

Video Cable Manufacturers

Amphenol {Video Cable}

Bhansali {CATV Cable}

Canare {75 ohm video coaxial Cable, Multichannel 75 ohm video coaxial Cable}

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable {CATV, MATV}



Video cable is normally a Coaxial Cable, with a common impedance of 75 ohms.
This is for analog video, a digital video cable could be completely different.
Although a digital signal or analog signal could use a video cable. The term Video normally refers to an analog video signal.

Video Cable Definitions [part of cable terms].
Video cables are also more often Round cables, which is listed below [as an alternate category].
The companies producing Video cables are manufacturing cables specifically used with video signals.

Video Bus Descriptions [Computer and A/V Interfaces]
Types of Video interfaces, most often occur over coax cable. With additional video cable types possible.

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Round Cable Manufacturers

Alpha {Multiconductor Unshielded/Shielded - Foil - Braid}

3M {Round Conductor-Round Jacketed Cable Manufacturer}

Belden Wire and Cable Company {Multi-conductor Paired/non Paired wire}

Champlain Cable

Coleman Cable

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable {Multi-conductor Paired/non Paired/Un-shielded/Shielded/PVC/Polyethylene}

Daburn {Multi-conductor Cable Manufacturer}

Harbour Industries {Military - Network}

Huber Suhner {Military - Network cable}

Judd Wire {Multi-Conductor Cable; Stranded or Solid tinned copper wire}

MilesTek Inc. {MIL-1553 - Round Twinax}

Multi/Cable Corporation {High Temperature Wire and Cable, Composite Cables}

National Wire & Cable Corp. {Multiconductor Cable Manufacturer}

Southwire {Armored Cable}

WEICO Wire & Cable, Inc

A general listing covering many applications of round cables.
Round cable refers to the out-side shape of the cable, and not how the wires are arranged within the cable;
So a round cable could hold a twin axial cable within its jacket even though a twinax is a parallel run of two wires.

Different types of round coax cable
Round Cable; Coax, Twinax, STP

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A General listing of Wire and Cable Manufacturers and Related sites. The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order. The listing is sub-divided into Coax cable manufacturers, FiberOptic cable manufacturers, Flex cable manufacturers, Power cable, Ribbon cable, Round cable, Semi-Rigid cable, and cable Assemblies. Additional manufacturers may be found by clicking the Components icons at the bottom of the page. Other wise, the Wire and Cable manufacturers are listed above. All pages list OEM's [Original Equipment Manufacturers], second source or re-sellers are not listed. OEM parts and equipment Distributors may be found by hitting the Distributors icon below.

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