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A listing of Control Cable Manufacturers with Related sites.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

Control Cable Manufacturers

{Communication and Control Cable}

Belden Wire and Cable Company

{Data Cable}

Delco Wire and Cable Lt.

Multi/Cable Corporation
{Instrumentation Cable, Control and Power Cable, High Temperature Wire and Cable, Composite Cables}

National Wire & Cable Corp.
{Multiconductor Cable Manufacturer}

Control Cable Definition: A cable used for remote control operation of any type of electrical power equipment.
A Control cable may also be referred to as a data cable or communication cable.

Control Cable Variants;
Multi-Conductor or Multi-Pair cables
Shielded or un-shielded cable, and or shielded or un-shielded wire pairs.
Data cables might range between 14 and 22AWG, although any wire gauge is possible.

Table of ampacities for 14AWG, 16AWG and 18AWG Control Cable
Control Cable Ampacity for 14AWG, 16AWG and 18AWG

Control Cable Ampacity table notes;
The weight of the cable for each gauge is provided for insulation T.
Cables using insulation X or E should be 3 to 5 percent lighter.
T designates Polyvinyl Chloride, E designates Ethylene Propylene Rubber, X designates Cross-Linked Polyethylene.
The ampacity for the cables are for double-banked cables [cable is in one of two rows of side-by-side cables] within cable trays at 45C.
Derating factor vs temperature for other than 45 degrees centigrade:
T insulation derating factor 1.08 [40C] or 0.91 [50C].
X or E insulation derating factor 1.05 [40C] or 0.94 [50C] or 0.82 [60C].
Multiple the derating factor by the number in the table to obtain the ampacity for the temperature provided.
Ampacities are average for all conductors within the cable. The absolute maximum is 1.5x the values shown.

Engineering Note;
Stranded wire should be used for conductors and cables which are normally flexed in use.
Stranded wire should be used with cables attached to the movable half of detachable connectors and
hanging cables attached to removable or movable doors and shields.

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A General listing of Control Cable Manufacturers. The products the companies produced are listed under the company name indexed in alphabetic order. The listing is sub-divided into Coax cable manufacturers, Flex cable manufacturers, Power cable manufacturers, Ribbon cable manufacturers, Round cable manufacturers, and Semi-Rigid cable manufacturers. Additional manufacturers may be found by clicking the Components icons at the bottom of the page. All pages list OEM's [Original Equipment Manufacturers], second source or re-sellers are not listed. OEM parts and equipment Distributors may be found by hitting the Distributors icon below.

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