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A General listing of Varactor Diode Manufacturers, Vendors and Related sites.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

Varactor Diode Manufacturers

Companies making Varactor diodes:

Aeroflex {Tuning Varactors}

Crystalonics {Varactor Tuning Diodes}

Mpulse Microwave {Varator Diode Manufacturer}

NTE {Varactor-PIN Diode}

Renesas Technology Corp {Vari Cap Diodes}

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. {Varactor Diode Manufacturer}

A varactor diode may be found in any standard two-terminal package.

Diode Types by Functional Symbol used in a schematic

Voltage Variable Capacitor Diodes [DO-7 Axial Package];
1N5139A, 1N5140A, 1N5141A, 1N5141A, 1N5142A, 1N5143A, 1N5144A, 1N5145A, 1N5146A, 1N5147A, 1N5148A
1N5461, 1N5462, 1N5463, 1N5464, 1N5465, 1N5466, 1N5467, 1N5468, 1N5469, 1N5470, 1N5471, 1N5472, 1N5473, 1N5474, 1N5475, 1N5476

Diode types, by symbol;

Dictionary of Diode Terms

A diode is a two terminal device using a PN junction. Diodes may be made from Silicon, Germanium, Selenium, or Gallium Arsenide. Most diodes will be made of Silicon. Normally a forward voltage drop of 0.7 volts will be seen with Silicon Diodes, and a forward voltage drop of 0.3 volts will be seen with Germanium Diodes. Diode types:

Varactor Diode: A diode that exhibits a capacitance that varies depending on the reverse voltage applied to the diode. A Varactor Diode may also be known as a Varicap or the term VVC. A Varactor Diode is a Voltage dependent variable capacitor, where the capacitance varies in picofarads. For example the 1N5461 Varactor Diode only changes its capacitance from 6.8pF to 6.94pF, over rated temperature. A Varactor Diode also has to be temperature stable over some range of temperatures. That is a Varactor Diode should not have a capacitance that varies greatly over some [pre-determined] temperature range. A Varactor Diode should have a well defined Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance: which defines how much the capacitance will change over temperature. Note that there are a few different schematic symbols which might be used to represent a varactor diode.

Rectifier Diode: Heavy duty [high current] diode used to convert an AC signal to a DC signal.

Tunnel Diode: Has a negative resistance region. The current through the diode increases up to a certain voltage, than with increasing voltage the current decreases until a voltage point is reached and the current begins to increase again

Zener Diode: Designed to conduct in the reverse [bias] direction: with a precise breakdown voltage [Vz]

Schottky Diode: A Schottky Diode is designed with a rapid turn on and off once the threshold voltage is reached

Light Emitting Diode: [LED], A diode that gives off light when energized, or forward biased.

Photodiode: Operated in reverse-bias, reverse current increases 'almost' linearly with increase in incident light

Varistor: Resistance [flow of current] changes as a function of applied voltage voltage. A varistor may also be called a VDR [Voltage Dependent Resistor]. Varistors will have a negative voltage coefficient [high resistance at low voltages and a low resistance at high voltages].

metal Oxide Varistor: [MOV] See listing above. MOV devices are used in parallel with the load.

Transient Voltage Suppressor: 'TVS', Designed to absorb a transient over-voltage. The device may be designed as Uni-Polar device protecting in one direction or a Bi-Polar device protecting the circuit in both directions. TVS manufacturers are listed on the Transient Voltage Suppressor page [Nonlinear Resistor Manufacturers]. TVS devices are used in parallel with the load.

Note that some of these components may have more than one symbol used to represent the part on the schematic.
For example, two different symbols of a varactor diode are shown on this page.

Diode Derating Guide Lines [using the Stress Factor Method]
{How to Derate diodes based on temperature}

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