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Transistor Array. A group of transistors contained with in a single semiconductor package [possible Package Styles], is called a transistor array. This page just shows a few examples of packages used by transistor arrays.

Transistor Array in a 14-pin DIP package is shown below.
The pin out applies to either a through-hole or surface mount package. The pinout or type of transistor also only apply to one particular part number, and shown only as a possible example.

Transistor Array in a Dual In-line package
Transistor Array

A transistor array is a package that contains some number of transistors that are separate and do not connect to each other. A Transistor network is a package that contains a number of transistors with some interaction between the components. Some transistors may be connected to other transistors in the same package.

Transistor Array [Network], 14-pin DIP package, Through-hole

Transistor Array 14-pin Dual In-line package
Transistor Array

Transistor Array [Network], 12-pin metal Can package, Through-hole
Example Case style; TO-8 metal Can.

12-pin metal Can Transistor Array
Transistor Array

Transistor Array, 20-pin LCC package, Surface Mount
2N6987, 2N6988 transistors. Lead-Less Chip Carrier Information.

Transistor Array in an LCC package
Transistor Array

IC Dual In-Line-Package Graphic [DIP], 16-pin DIP Through-hole

16-pin Diode Array DIP Package

Ceramic or Plastic DIP Information [graphic].

The 2N6989 in a 14 pin DIP will dissipate 1.5 watts, or 1 watt when placed in a 20 pin LCC surface mount package. The 2N6990 will dissipate 1.0 watts in a 14 pin DIP.

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