2N3867 Transistor Derating Curves

2N3867 Temperature-Power Derating Curve [2N3868]
PNP Low Power Transistor. Package, TO-39, TO-5 metal Can.

2N3867 Temperature-Power Derating Chart
2N3867 Power Derating Graph, Case Temperature

Use the Graph to determine how much to derate power based on ambient operational case temperature. Note that the maximum case temperature for either the 2N3967 transistor 2N3968 Transistor is 200 degrees C. The ambient operating temperature may be increased by using a clip-on heat sink with either transistor [2N3967 2N3968]. Note that the case temperature reflects still air, so using a fan to provide forced air will also reduce the issues with derating at higher current levels. Also see Transistor Derating Curves

Refer to MIL-PRF-19500/350; Semiconductor Device, Transistor, PNP, silicon, Low Power Types 2N3867, 2N3867S, 2N3867U4, 2N3868, 2N3868S, and 2N3868U4, JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANS, JANHCA, JANHCB, JANKCA, and JANKCB, [TO-39, TO-5]

2N3867 Maximum Operational Ratings:
Collector Emitter Voltage = 40 volts dc
Collector Base Voltage = 40 volts dc
Emitter Base Voltage = 4.0 volts dc
Power Dissipation 250C = 1 Watt
Operating Temperature = -65 to +2000C [Tj]
2N3867 Maximum Operating Temperature is 200C at zero current drain.
The 2N3867 operating temperature range between -65 and +25C does not require derating.

TO-39 Package Drawing
TO-39 metal Can

Lead 1 = Emitter, 2 = Base, 3 = Collector

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