2N3764 Transistor Derating Guide lines

Operating the 2N3764 Transistor

2N3764 Temperature-Power Derating Curve [2N3764, 2N3765]
PNP Silicon Switching Transistor. Package, TO-46 metal Can [Through-Hole].

2N3764 Transistor Power Derating Curve
2N3764 / 2N3765 Transistor Operational Power Derating Curve

The graph covers both the 2N3764 and 2N3765 transistors which are in general has the same characteristics, except as noted below.

Use the graph above to determine the maximum power dissipation for the 2N3764 or 2N3765 [in a TO-46 package] based on operational case temperature [Tc]. Attach a heat sink to increase the operating temperature with out the requirement to derate the device, or to allow the device to operate at a higher temperature without derating. The 2N3764 transistor in a TO-46 package will accept a compression style heat sink, attached to the metal can of the device. Other types of heat sinks include clip-on, press-on styles. The graph applies to case temperature in free air [still air] with no heat-sink and no adjacent heat generating components. Use forced air to increase the operating range of the 2N3764.
The terminals of the 2N3764 may also be used to conduct heat away from the device and into the attached printed circuit board. If the terminals are used as heat conductors, make the leads as short as possible and of course try not to use a transistor socket. The heat conduction of the surface mount package may also be increase by using larger copper lands on the PWB to conduct heat away from the component.
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Temperature derating is a standard design practice for electrical engineers.

Refer to MIL-PRF-19500/396; Semiconductor Device, Transistor, PNP, Silicon, Switching, Types 2N3762, 2N3762L, 2N3762U4, 2N3762UA, 2N3763, 2N3763L, 2N3763U4, 2N3763UA, 2N3764, and 2N3765, JAN qualified.
[Available packages, depending on the part number: TO-5, TO-39, TO-46, U4/UA surface mount]. Note all the different JAN series are listed here.

2N3764 Maximum Operational Ratings: [Ta = 250C]
Collector Emitter Voltage = 40 volts dc Vceo]; 2N3764
Collector Emitter Voltage = 60 volts dc Vceo]; 2N3765
Collector Base Voltage = 40 volts dc [Vcbo]; 2N3764
Collector Base Voltage = 60 volts dc [Vcbo]; 2N3765
Emitter Base Voltage = 5 volts dc [Vebo]
Collector Current = 1.5 amps dc [Ic]
Power Dissipation 250C = 500 mWatt [Pt]
Operating Temperature = -65 to +2000C [Tj]
Storage Temperature = -65 to +2000C [Tstg]

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How to Derate; Guideline for Derating Electronic Components

The 2N3634 transistor is in full production.

2N3634 & 2N3635
TO-46 Derating

TO-39 metal Transistor Through Hole Package
TO-39 metal Package

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Derating curves for a 2N3762 SMD BJT

TO-46 Transistor Through Hole Package
TO-46 metal Package

Package Characteristics
TO-5 Package Dimensions
TO-39 Package Dimensions
TO-46 Package Dimensions

Related Specification:

Design Hint;
Don't use a socket unless required.
Use the shortest leads possible.
Leave an air gap between the PWB
and thru-hole component.

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