2N3019 Transistor Derating Guidelines

2N3019 NPN BJT

2N3019 Temperature-Power Derating Curve
NPN Silicon Low Power Transistor, General Purpose BJT.
Semiconductor Package, TO-5 metal Can [TO-39].
2N3019 Applications; High-current, high frequency amplifiers

2N3019 Temperature-Power Derating Chart
2N3019 Transistor Derating Curves

The graph describes the Temperature-Power derating curve for a 2N3019 in a TO-18 metal package. The 2N3019 will operate at full power from -65 to +250C, but above 25C power dissipation must be reduce to comply with the curves until 200C is reached. Note at the upper limit of its temperature ranges, 200C, the 2N3019 must not dissipate any power.
Affixing a heat sink to the TO-18 will allow the 2N3019 to operate at a higher temperature with a higher power dissipation [effectively changing the slope of the curve]. The actual gain in power dissipation will depend on the particular heat sink selected.
The chart covers device heating in free-air, so applying forced air by adding a fan to the system will also allow the 2N3019 to operate at a higher temperature at the same dissipation. However; the reverse is also true, if the 2N3019 is placed within an enclosed chassis, power dissipation must be decreased as the air flow is being restricted.

Refer to MIL-PRF-19500/391; Semiconductor Device, Transistor, NPN, Low-Power Types 2N3019, 2N3019S, 2N3057A, 2N3700, and 2N3700UB, JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANS, [TO-5, TO-39, TO-46, TO-18]

2N3019 Maximum Ratings:
Collector Emitter Voltage = 80 volts dc [VCEO]
Collector Base Voltage = 140 volts dc [VCBO]
Emitter Base Voltage = 7 volts dc [VEBO]
Collector Current = 1 Amp dc [IC]
Power Dissipation 2N3019, 2N3019S = 800mW [250C]
Power Dissipation 2N3057, 2N3700 = 500mW [250C]
Operating/Storage Temperature = -65 to +2000C

Component Packages: [Through-hole]
2N3019; TO-5 package
2N3019S; TO-39 package
2N3057A; TO-46 package
2N3700; TO-18 package, and all other Transistor Cases.

TO-18 metal Can lead identification
TO-18 Can

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