2N2484 Derating Curve

2N2484 SMD package [leadless chip carrier]

2N2484UA Temperature-Power Derating Curve
NPN Silicon Amplifier Transistor. UA Package, [TO-18, UB, UBC].

2N2484UA Temperature-Power Derating Chart
2N2484 Transistor UA Package Derating Graph

The derating Graph shows the maximum DC power rating over temperature for a 2N2484 in the surface mount package style shown below. The power is given in watts and the air temperature is provided in degrees centigrade. This surface mount version of the 2N2484 is similar to the other versions, but has a very different derating curve. This page represents one of the four different package versions used by the 2N2484, as called out in the military standard referenced here. For replacements: Transistor Derating Curves for selected BJTs.
Temperature derating is a standard design practice by electrical engineers when using components at high temperature. This particular package requires derating even at room temperature, shown as 25C on the x axis. The top curve which shows the transistor operating up to 100 degrees centigrade before any derating is required is the maximum junction temperature. Or the point just under the temperature that damage occurs to the semiconductor die. The gray curves represent the proper operating range of the device.

Refer to MIL-PRF-19500/376; Low-Power NPN Transistor, Semiconductor Device Transistor Types 2N2484, 2N2484UA, 2N2484UB, 2N2484UBC, [UA, Surface Mount]

UA SMD Graphic and Schematic
UA Package Style and Case Pinout

The graphic shows the over-all shape of the package [case outline] along with its pin out, and the table to the left provides the physical dimensions of the part. This package style has 4 terminals although only 2 are shown in the side view. The other two terminals are on the reverse side of the part. Terminal 4 is not used in this configuration, the pin is a no-connect.

The two other surface mount versions covered under this standard are the UB and UBC version. The physical shape of the UB versions are more square than the UA version shown here. In fact the UB and UBC are identical except slight differences in dimensions. Usage seems to be low for both the UB types so the derating graph for those types were removed.

The department of defense standard referenced here may be withdrawn or replaced at any time, and is only provided as a reference.

2N2484 Transistor, UA Dimensions
UA Dimensions

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2N2484 Through Hole BJT

2N2484 Maximum Ratings: [SMD]
Collector Emitter Voltage = 60 volts
Power Dissipation 250C = 360mW
Operating Temperature = -65 to +2000C

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