1N6036A Diode Derating Curve

1N6036A Diode Temperature-Current Derating Curve [Axial Lead]
Transient Voltage Suppressor [TVS].
1500 watt, bi-directional, silicon, transient voltage suppressor diode

1N6036 Peak-Power Derating Curve, Surface Mount Package
1N6036 Peak Power Diode Derating Curve

Use the chart to determine how much to derate power based on operational ambient temperature. Diode Derating Curves.
The chart describes the maximum allowable power dissipation with increasing ambient temperature. Maximum operational power dissipation is achievable at 250C. However above 25C the maximum package dissipation, or current, must be reduce to insure that the devices junction temperature remains constant.

As with any axial lead part mounting is very important in heat dissipation. Never mount the 1N6036 on pins above the printed wiring board [PWB], unless absolutely needed. If possible mount the 1N6036 into the PWB using the recommended bend point of the leads, don't extend out the leads before they get soldered into the board. The shorter the lead length the better the heat conduction through the leads and into the board.
Note that lead 1 is connected to the case of this device.

Refer to MIL-PRF-19500/507; Semiconductor Device, Diode, Silicon, Bipolar Transient Voltage Suppressor, Types 1N6036A through 1N6072A JAN, JANTX, and JANTXV, [DO-13]

1N6036 Maximum Operational Ratings:
Ppp = 1,500 Watts
Pm = 1W
Operating Temperature = -55 to +1750C
Maximum Operation Temperature = +1750C

TVS Diodes covered by this Mil Specification
1N6036A, 1N6037A, 1N6038A, 1N6039A,
1N6040A, 1N6041A, 1N6042A, 1N6043A, 1N6044A,
1N6045A, 1N6046A, 1N6047A, 1N6048A, 1N6049A,
1N6050A, 1N6051A, 1N6052A, 1N6053A, 1N6054A,
1N6055A, 1N6056A, 1N6057A, 1N6058A, 1N6059A,
1N6060A, 1N6061A, 1N6062A, 1N6063A, 1N6064A,
1N6065A, 1N6066A, 1N6067A, 1N6068A, 1N6069A,
1N6070A, 1N6071A, 1N6072A


How to Derate;
Guideline for Derating Components

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DO-13 Axial Leaded TVS Package
DO-13 Axial Lead Package
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