1N3595 Diode Derating Curves

1N3595 Diode Temperature-Power Derating Curve [DO-35, Through-Hole Case]
High Conductance Fast Diode, Low Leakage, Controlled Forward Voltage.
1N3595 Diode Applications; Small Signal Diode

1N3595 Diode Temperature-Current Derating Curve
1N3595 Diode Current Derating Curves

Use the Graph to derate device maximum current based on ambient temperature [Ta].
The current derating curve covers the component in still-air, while the device is un-effected by near-by components which may be radiating heat.
The top curve is not to be used because it represents the maximum junction temperature. For best design practices use either of the gray curves for longest life.
Also refer to Diode Derating Curves, or general Diode Derating Guidelines.
This type of derating over temperature is a standard practice for electrical design. Note that the graph covers either the surface mount DO-213 package or the leaded through-hole DO-35 package.

Refer to MIL-PRF-19500/241; Semiconductor Device, Silicon, Low Leakage, Controlled Forward Voltage, Types 1N3595-1, 1N3595US, 1N3595UR-1, 1N3595A-1, 1N3595AUS, and 1N3595AUR-1, JAN, [DO-35]. JAN; stands for Joint Army/Navy.

1N3595 Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage = 150 volts
Average Rectified Forward Current = 200 mA
Power Dissipation 250C = 500mW
Operating Temperature = -65 to +200 0C
1N3595 Maximum Junction Temperature = +200 0C

DO-35 Package
1N3595 Axial Lead Package

Diode Packages;
DO-35 Axial Leaded: 1N3595-1, 1N3595A-1 [Through-hole]
DO-213AA SMD: 1N3595UR-1, 1N3595AUR-1 [surface Mount]
US SMD: 1N3595US, 1N3595AUS [Similar to a URS package]

The color band denotes the Cathode.
The DO-35 diode may be found with the new package designation of DO-204-AH.
The 1N3595 in a DO-35 package is still in full production.

DO-213 Package Drawing
Diode DO213 Package

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