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Chart of equivalent Cross-Sections of Wire

A Chart of equivalent Cross-Sections of Wire. The table represents Brown and Sharpe's Gauges.
Table shows wire gauge vs wire size, a quick way to tell the physical size of different wire sizes.
Back to AWG wire gauge for current capacities.
Of course the table provides a way to estimate cable size vs number of wires.
However cable size would depend on the type of insulation and amount of shielding.

wire gauge standard vs cross sectional area
Wire gauge standard vs cross section

Wire gauge size chart for cross sectional area for bare wire.
Basically the chart is showing the cross section of a wire size, and the cross section of a number of wires.
So you may find the equivalent wire size, from using a number of smaller wires [combined].
Or, how many wires of one gauge make up a larger wire of another gauge.

Editor note; I'm not sure of the application here. Although if I needed to replace a solid copper wire with a stranded one, this might help.
Of course trading out one cable for another would prove to be a valid application for the data presented in the table.

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equivalent Cross-Sections of Wire.
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Also see the Color Codes used on wire Insulation page; Color coding of wire insulation based on application.

Brown and Sharpe is the old name for the American Wire Gauge standard.
In fact for a while the Brown and Sharpe wire table was called the American Wire Gauge standard.
However after noting that it was not yet recognized as a standard, Brown and Sharpe changed the name to AWG.
Determine cable gauge vs. physical size. Determine cable length vs. Size increase.

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