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Chart of different wire gauge standards

Obsolete wire gauge standards
The table below lists different wire gauge standards, from the 1920's.
The table compares the Brown and Sharpe's, London, Birmingham, Roebling and New British standard.
Table shows wire gauge vs wire size.
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Note that the American Wire Gauge originated from Brown and Sharpe's table.

Different wire gague standards
Comparison of Wire Gauge Standards

This table is meant to be a reference source, but if your in the US you need to use the AWG table.

Aluminum wire properties;
Aluminum electrical Wire, Wire gauge amp rating page.
equivalent Cross-Sections of Wire.
Table of AWG sizes in metric.

Electrical Wire and Cable Manufacturers

Also see the Wire Insulation Color Code page;
Color coding of wire insulation based on application.

Determine cable length vs. voltage drop. Determine cable length vs. Heat increase.

PC motherboard

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