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Chart of AWG sizes in metric

The table below lists the America Wire Gauge [AWG] using the metric system.
Back to the main AWG Wire gauge amp rating [in english units].
The table shows wire gauge vs wire size [in millimeters] or wire weight [in kilograms].

The most notable difference between this table and the english table is that the resistance is given in meters.
A wire gauge table in english units will provide the resistance in feet or thousands of feet [not increments of 3 feet].

Different wire gauge sizes in metric system
AWG Wire Gauge Table in Metric

The AWG [Brown and Sharp gauges] table shows metric units;
Wire Diameter [millimeters], Area [square mm], Weight per/meter [Kilograms] Weight per/Ohm [Kg],
Length [meters per Kilogram], Length [Kilogram per ohm], Resistance [ohms per Kilogram], Resistance [ohms per meter]

Aluminum wire properties are listed on the Standard Aluminum wire gauge table page

Manufacturers of Electrical Wire and Cable [subdivided by cable type or usage].

Also see the Wire Insulation Color Code page; Color coding of wire insulation based on application.

Determine cable length vs. voltage drop. Determine cable length vs. Heat increase.

Editor note; I didn't develop this table, it's from an older reference source.
Of course wire resistance or weight doesn't change based on how old the reference material is.
The point I want to make is that I don't know how this table related to the table that provided english units.
How many decimal places were used are there any round-off errors, do the errors accumulate and so on.
In other words this table is provided as is, and has not been compared to an english units version of the table.

Engineering note: The American Wire Gauge [AWG] is used in america, I don't really know what europe uses as a standard.

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