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A listing of all types of Mechanical Switch Manufacturers and Related sites, Component links and more.
The products they produce are listed under the company name, listed in Alphabetic order.
This page provides an indexed listing of companies which produce Semiconductor Switches Analog Mixed Signal.
Guideline for Derating Electronic Components, Switch derating information.
The companies below cover a general listing of switch vendors, while the links above cover a more specific function.

Switch Manufacturers

APEM Components {Toggle, Rocker, Push button, Slide, Dip, Knobs}

Arcolectric {Switch vendors producing most styles}

Bourns Inc. {Push Switches, Rotary Switches, Tact Switches}

Canal Electronic Co Ltd {Rocker/Push/Slide/Snap/Pull Chain/Rotary/Dip/Tact/Keylock}

Carling Technologies {Rocker / Toggle / Pushbutton / Rotary Switch Manufacturer}

Cherry Electrical Products {Snap Action / Selector / Key Switches}

Citizen Electronics Co. LTD

Clarostat; see Honeywell

Crouzet {metal and Plastic Body Limit Switches}

CTS Corporation {DIP / Selector / Power Switches}

CW Industries {Rocker - Slide - Push Button - Power Slide}

Dailywell {Toggle / Rocker / Slide / Pushbutton}

EAO {Switch Manufacturer}

EATON {Rocker Switch Manufacturer}

Electro Switch Corp. {Rotary Switches}

E-Switch {Miniature/Subminiature/Toggle/Rocker/Paddle/Power/Push button/Slide/Rotary/Lever/Key lock/Illuminated/Sealed/Interlocked/SMT Switches}

E-tec {DIP Switch Manufacturer}

Gray Hill Inc {Surface mount / Thru-hole / DIP / Keyboards / Keypads / Push button / Rotary Switches}

Hamlin {Reed Switches}

Haydon Switch and Instrument [See Ametek] {Hermetically / Environmentally Sealed / High Load Switches}

Honeywell Inc. {Toggle Switches to Military Part Number}

Illinois Lock Co. {Switch Locks}

ITW Switches {Push Button/Snap Action/Slide/Rocker/Sealed/Miniature}

Knitter-Switch {Switch Manufacturer}

Lamb Industries Inc; see E-Switch

Methode Electronics Inc. {Automotive Switch Manufacturer}

NKK Switches {Push Button-DIP-Rocker-Momentary}

Omron {Miniature/Sub Miniature Snap Action Switches/Thumbwheel/DIP/Tactile Key}

Oslo Switch {Standard/Miniature/Board Mount/Weatherproof Switches/Dust Tight Switch Manufacturer}

OTTO Engineering Inc. {Rugged-Environmental-Pendant-Rocker-Toggle-Push button manufacturer}

Panasonic Electric Works {Sealed Snap Action Switch Manufacturer}

Purdy Electronics Corp. {Rotary Dip-Thumb Wheel Switches-Switch Connectors-Keypads}

RDI {Push Button/Tact/Key/DIP/Illuminated/Slide Switches}

Schurter {Piezo Switch Manufacturer}

Shallco {Precision Rotary/Detented Power/Snap-Action Power Switch}

Shogyo International Corp {All Switch types}

Stacoswitch {Sunlight Readable, Night Vision Goggle Compatible Switch Manufacturer}

Switchcraft {Keyboard/Illuminated/Tiny/PC Mount/Cord/Push Button/Slide/Lever Switches}

Switches Plus {Panel Switch Manufacturer}

A switches current rating is based on the temperature developed within the switch under service conditions.
Because of arcing and welding at the contacts, most heating (and consequent wear) occurs on making and breaking the circuit.
Hence, the rate of operation also affects switch life. Ratings are normally based on continuous, steady-state current.

Related Engineering Information;
Switch Derating, How to deal with switch contact over-heating.
Switch Bounce, How to deal with switch contact bounce.
Thermostatic Switch definition and applications.

A listing of Switch manufacturers and vendors.
The types of Switch products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below.

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