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Note; this page describes an out dated electrical and mechanical interface which is no longer used.
Refer below for the RS232 pinout for the Mouse port on Sun Computers [out-dated interface].
The Mouse port found on most Personal Computers uses a 6-pin mini DIN connector and has the pin out shown the PC Mouse page.
All thought not as common as the PS/2 Mouse interface, a mouse may also be found with a serial interface.
This page provides the pinout for a serial mouse, or a mouse that uses the serial port via a 9-pin D connector.
For a description of the electrical interface, refer to the RS232 page.

Many new Motherboards just use the USB port as the mouse interface. The Mouse interface runs using standard TTL signaling levels.
The standard cable length is around 4 feet, 6 foot and 10 foot extension cables are also common for the PS/2 mouse interface.

Sun Mouse-Keyboard Pin Out
Pin No. Signal name Description
1 GND Ground
2 GND Ground
3 +5 volt Power
4 Mouse --
5 KYBD RCV Keyboard Receive
6 KYBD XMT Keyboard Transmit
7 PWRN Power Return
8 +5 +5 volts

Note Sun Microsystems, no longer exists, and merged with Oracle in 2010.
The pin out for a serial mouse would be out-dated regardless, as most use USB these days.
However the signal assignments are valid regardless of their usage in current computer systems.

The MAC used a 4-pin ADB interface for the Mouse interface, now replaced by USB.

The personal computer uses a 5-pin mini DIN for the Keyboard interface.

PC Mouse Manufacturers

Computer Mouse Manufacturers, with a small list of companies.
KVM Manufacturers [Keyboard - Video - Mouse Switch]

This page provides a description of an out dated interface.
Which may or may not be compatible with other connectors designed to accept a mouse input cable.
The pin out table is designed to be implemented on a 5-pin miniDIN, or circular DIN connector.

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