STEBus Description

STEBus defines a bus with a 8 bit data bus running at TBD MBps, with 20 address lines.
The connector used by IEEE Std 1000 Bus boards is a 64-pin male connector utilizing the outside two rows (designated a and c rows).
The connectors are specified in IEC 60603-2, and the mating female connector is used on IEEE Std 1000 Bus backplanes.
The recommended size for IEEE Std 1000 Bus boards is 100 mm x 160 mm (3,937 in x 6,299 in), single height standard depth Eurocard.
Double Eurocard Boards and Modules are also used.

Euro Card Form Factor
STE Card Dimensions, in the Euro Format
Single High & Double High STE Cards

This bus went obsolete in the 80's and early 90's.

STEbus Standards Information

IEEE Std 1000-1987: IEEE Standard for an 8-bit backplane interface, STEbus
IEEE Std 1101-1987: IEEE standard for mechanical core specifications for microcomputers
ISO/IEC 10859: Information technology, 8-bit backplane interface: STEbus and mechanical core specifications for microcomputers
ANSI/EIA RS-310, Racks, Panels, and Associated Equipment. [Rack Manufacturers]

Note that the STEBus standard was last updated in 1987.
Normally a standard is updated every 5 years, when the standard is active and work is on going.

STEBus Interface IC Vendors

STEBus uses normal [+5 volt] standard TTL switching levels VIH = 2v, VOH = 2.4v.

TTL glue logic IC Manufacturers
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STEBus Manufacturers

No board manufacturers listed for the out-dated standard.
That's not to say there are no STEBus Manufacturers.

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