Serial Telcom Bus

ST-bus Description

Serial Telcom Bus [ST-Bus], was developed in 1995 by Zarlink [purchased by Microsemi Corporation in 2011].
The ST-BUS is a high speed, synchronous serial bus for transporting information in a digital format.
The ST-Bus only uses three lines:
A framing signal for frame alignment
A clock signal for bit timing [clock line]
Serial information streams [data line].

The aggregate rate of the ST-BUS information stream can be 2.048, 4.096 or 8.192 Mbit/s.
This stream is divided into frames, each frame having a period of 125 us, for a frame rate of 8000 frames/s.
The start of each ST-BUS frame is indicated by the framing signal (frame pulse).
Four clock rates are defined in the STBus, as; 16.384, 8.192, 4.096 and 2.048 MHz.

Having been developed in 1995, the editor assumes the STbus is obsolete and no longer being used [in new designs].
I'm sure the STbus is being used or designed into legacy systems.
However unsure what this bus is used for, maybe 16MHz still gets the job done.

Editor note; There is also another interface bus called the STBus [STBus Interconnect].
This particular STBus is used to interconnect IP Buses [internal FPGA Buses].
This STBus and the Serial Telcom Bus [STbus] above are not compatible and are completely different.
The IP STBus is a 'Silicon' bus developed by STMicroelectronics, while this page details a physical interface developed by Zarlink.

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