Transistor Package Styles

Transistor Packages

Semiconductor Transistor Case Packages

TO-1, 3-lead round tall can [0.41 inches high]

TO-3, 3-Pin Through-Hole, Metal Case [case mount]
.. 4-Pin TO-3, Through-Hole, Metal Case [case mount]
.. 8-Pin TO-3, Through-Hole, Metal Case [case mount]

TO-5, Through-Hole, Metal Case [3-leads]
.. 8-Pin TO-5, Through-Hole, Metal Case [8-leads]

TO-6, 3-lead & threaded post [see TO-36 for a similar graphic]

TO-7, 4-lead round package with terminals placed in a straight line

TO-8, Through-Hole, Metal Case [12-leads]

TO-9 Metal Can, Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-10 Stud Mount

TO-11 Metal Can, Axial Leads, Graphic to the left

TO-12 Metal Can Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-18, Through-Hole, Metal Case

TO-23, 2-terminal, 3-leads, Through-Hole, Metal Case

TO-24, Flange Mount, Inactive [1987] see TO-213AA

TO-33, 4-Lead Through-Hole, Metal Can

TO-36, 3-terminal Large Round Can

TO-37, Flange Mount

TO-39, Through-Hole, Metal Case
.. 4-terminal TO-39, Through-Hole, Metal Case
.. 8-terminal TO-39, Through-Hole, Metal Case
.. 10-terminal TO-39, Through-Hole, Metal Case

TO-41 Flange Mount, Diamond Base, .430 Pin Circle [TO-41 Graphic]

TO-42 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-44 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle, elongate case [Inter-lead shield connected to case]
The TO-44 package is shown below.

TO-46, 2-Terminal Through-Hole, Metal Can, Axial Leads, .100 Pin Circle
.. 3-Pin TO-46, 3-Terminal Through-Hole, Metal Can

TO-48, Inactive [1996] see TO-208, 3-Terminal Bolt Mount

TO-52, Through-Hole, Metal Can

TO-53, Square flange mount, fixed terminals

TO-57, Round bolt mount, three terminal

TO-59, 3-terminal, Through-Hole, Stud Mount

TO-61, Through-Hole, Bolt Mount

TO-63, Through-Hole, Stud Mount

TO-64 3-Terminal Bolt Mount SCR Package

TO-66, 2-Terminal Through-Hole, Flange Mount

TO-66, 3-Terminal Through-Hole, Flange Mount

TO-71, 6-Lead Through-Hole, Metal Can

TO-72, Through-Hole, Metal Case

TO-73, 12 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-74, 10 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-75, 6 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-76, 8 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-77, 8 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-78, 8 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle, Through-Hole, Metal Case

TO-79, 8 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-80, 8 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

TO-81, TO-82. Inactive JEDEC outlines as of 1987.

TO-83, 3-Terminal Bolt Mount SCR, Inactive JEDEC outline as of 1987

TO-92, Through-Hole, Plastic Body

TO-93. Inactive JEDEC outline as of 1996.

TO-94, Bolt mount, other leads are wires and cable.

TO-98. Inactive JEDEC outline as of 1996.

TO-99, 6-Lead Through-Hole, Metal Can

TO-102. Inactive JEDEC outline as of 1996.

TO-103, TO-104, TO-105, TO-106, TO-107, TO-108, TO-109. Inactive JEDEC outlines; 1987.

TO-111 package, 3-Terminal Bolt Mount Transistor Case

TO-119, TO-120, TO-121, TO-122. Inactive JEDEC outlines; 1987.

TO-130, TO-131, TO-132. Inactive JEDEC outlines; 1987.

TO-123, Flange Mount, Diamond-shape

TO-124, Flange Mount, Diamond-shape

TO-126, 3-Lead Through-Hole [see graphic to the upper left]

TO-127, TO-128, TO-129. Inactive JEDEC packages outlines as of 1996.

TO-201. Inactive JEDEC outline as of 1996.

TO-202, 3-Lead Through-Hole, with Metal Tab [see graphic to the left]

TO-204, Through-Hole, Metal Case

TO-205, also see TO-39 [although TO205 is the newer designation]

TO-206, check TO-18 for dimensions [although TO-206AA is the newer package]

TO-208 package, 3-Terminal Bolt Mount SCR

TO-218, see SOT-93

TO-220, 3-Lead Through-Hole, Plastic Case with Metal Tab
.. 5-PIn TO-220, 5 Straight-Lead Through-Hole, Plastic Case with Metal Tab
.. 5-Pin TO-220, 5 Staggered-Lead Through-Hole, Plastic Case with Metal Tab
.. 7-Pin TO-220, 7-Lead Through-Hole, Plastic Case with Metal Tab

TO-226, Through-Hole, Plastic Body

TO-236; 3-lead surface mount package [similar to a SOT-23]

TO-247, Through-Hole, Rear Tab

TO-248, and TO-249. Inactive JEDEC outline as of 1996.

TO-254, Through-Hole, Metal Tab

TO-255. Inactive JEDEC outline as of 1996.

TO-257, 3-Terminal Through-Hole, Metal Tab

TO-257, 2-Terminal Through-Hole, Metal Tab

TO-258, 3-Terminal Through-Hole, Metal Tab

TO-259, Through-Hole, Metal Plate

TO-261, 5-Terminal Surface Mount, including Tab

TO-263, 3-Terminal Surface Mount, with Tab

TO-263, 5-Terminal Surface Mount, with Tab

TO-263, 7-Terminal Surface Mount, with Tab

TO-276, Surface Mount 3-Pad

Screw Mount, Through-Hole, Metal Case

SOT-23; 3-lead surface mount package [similar to a TO-236]

SOT-23-6; 6-lead surface mount package [on the companion site]

SOT-93; 3-lead Through-Hole package

SOT-223; 4-lead surface mount package [1 lead is a tab]

Editor Note; All of the derating curves I've seen relating to transistor surface mount packages all appear identical, except that the vertical axis varies greatly. But they all start to be derated at 250C, with the curve falling off to zero power dissipation at 1500C.

An inactive package style does not imply that one may not be in service or used by a manufacturer. If the component has been in production since before the designation was retired, and continues to be produced than the same part designation will continued to be used. However if a new design is produced, that component will use the new JEDEC designation and not the older obsolete one.

TO-11 Package Outline and Pin Location
TO-11 Package Outline

Press-fit packages, are un-common.
Some packages may be listed twice;
showing a different number of terminals.

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Additional types of IC Package styles.

Engineer Note;
The 'TO' in TO-3 stands for Transistor Outline.
The 'DO' in DO-8 stands for Diode Outline.
The 'SOT' stands for Small Outline Transistor.

3-Terminal TO-126 Package Picture
TO-126, 3-Lead Package

3-Terminal TO-202 Package Picture
TO-202, 3-Lead Package

Unused Case Outlines;
TO-1, TO-2, TO-6, TO-7,
TO-10, TO-11, TO-13 through TO-17
TO-22, TO-25 to TO-32
TO-36, TO-38, TO-40, TO-43 to TO-45
TO-47, TO-49, TO-50, TO-51
TO-53 through TO-58
TO-60, TO-62, TO-65
TO-67 through TO-70

Not all packages listed.

TO-44 Package Outline and Package Dimensions
TO-44 Package Dimensions
PC motherboard

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