Transistor Case Packages

TO-99 Package

Transistor Can Packages TO99 Case style, Metal Can

TO-99 Schematic and Pin Out
TO-99 Package Layout and Dimensions

The TO-99 package is a through-hole device.
The metal can may be used to attach a heat sink.
This example shows all eight pin locations in a dual transistor configuration.
Note the pin locations vs the location of the metal tab, for a 6-pin metal can [2 pins are omitted].

Sockets are available to mount an 8 pin TO-99 IC device [or 6-pin].
PCB conversion boards may be purchased for adapting an 8-pin DIP to a TO-99 package, or circular TO-99 to 8-pin DIP Adapter. A similar package is the TO-78 Case or TO-77 package.

Related components that use the TO-99 case include;
LF156, LF198, LF256, LF298, LF356, LF398, LM101,
LM111, LM118, LM1558, LM158, LM193, LM301.
A mix of Operational Amplifiers, FETs and Sample and Hold Circuits [OP-42].
Unitized Dual NPN Transistors 8-pin TO-99; 2N2060, 2N5793, & 2N5794.

Of course these devices are examples that use a TO-99 package. The pin out supplied in the graphic are also examples. Refer to the data sheet for the required pin out; however, in any event the physical dimensions shown in the graphic applies regardless of the semiconductor contained within the package.

Editor note: In some cases a part number is provided as an example of a device that uses this particular package type. But those examples are not intended to indicate that a particular device may only be found in this package. For example an LM158 Low power dual operational amplifier may be found in a TO-99 metal can package. However that does not imply that a device or the LM158 is only available in a TO-99 package. In fact a LM158 may be procured in the following 8-pin packages; SOIC, PDIP, CERDIP, or micro-BGA. But of course this page only covers the metal can version. In any event the trailing part of the part, as in LM158xx, which defines the package type is not listed with the generic part number. Also other than for operational temperature range an LM158 is the same device an LM258 and LM358, although each could be purchased in any of the available package options. Refer to the side-bar for a notation of part number and temperature ranges.

Operational Amplifier Package
8 Axial Leads, 0.200 Pin Circle


Related Manufacturers
FETs and BJTs

Package Outlines
Transistor cases
IC Package styles

Temperature Range
LM158: -55C to 125C
LM258: -25C to 85C
LM358: 0C to 70C
Using the LM158 series example
Without regard to package

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