Transistor Case Packages

TO-5 Physical Dimensions

Transistor Can Packages TO-5 Case style, Metal Can

TO-5 Package Out-line and TO-5 Dimensions
TO-5 Metal Can Outline Dimensions

Terminals; Lead 1-Emitter, Lead 2-Base, Lead 3-Collector
Refer to the pin numbers in the diagram and the package tab.

The TO-5 is a through-hole device, with 3 leads or terminals [in this example].
The metal can is isolated from the terminals and may be used to attach a heat sink.
However some devices using the TO-5 package make a connection with pin 3 and the case.
Note some heat sinks designed to work with a TO-5 can will also work on a TO-39 package.

Round style press-fit TO-5 Sockets are available in MIL-DTL-83502/2 with 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 contacts. Also refer to the 8-Lead TO-5 package [same package different lead count].

Some documents make reference to a TO-5 package being similar to or being replaced by a TO-205AA [TO-205]. So some data sheets may indicate that a device is in a TO-5 package or TO-205 package.

TO-5 Semiconductor Usage

Examples of semiconductors in a TO-5 package.
NPN Transistor 2N1711
NPN Low-Power Transistor 2N3019
NPN Power Transistor 2N5662, 2N5663, 2N5152, 2N5154
NPN Power Switching Transistor, 2N4150, 2N5237, 2N5238, 2N5666, 2N5667
PNP Low-Power Transistor, 2N5415, 2N5415S, 2N5416
P-Channel Field-Effect Transistor; 2N2497, 2N3329
Thyristor, 2N1870A, 2N1871A, 2N1872A, and 2N1874A

TO-5 Derating

A few pages cover how to derate a particular transistor in a TO-5 container.
2N1711 NPN Transistor; 2N1711 Power Derating.
2N3418 NPN Medium Power Transistor; 2N3418 Power Derating.
2N4150 NPN Low Power Transistor; 2N4150 Power Derating.

TO-5 Packaged Relays

A number of relays use a TO-5 metal package. These devices use 8 and 9 pin cases. The pins are spaced at 0.2 inches [per the package standard], and are spaced at 36 degrees.
DPDT 1 amp, 28 volt relays, types; 712, 722, and 732 types. RF types; RF300 & RF310.
The leads may be straight off the body as in a normal through hole part, or cut, bend and performed to form a surface mount J-Lead [SMD Gull Wing] mounting package.
Both the 3 terminal or 8 terminal package have the same physical dimensions, but have a different number of terminals; TO-5 8-Lead Spacing.

Package type:
Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

Finned heat sink for a round TO-5 transistor package
Cylindrical Heatsink

Can Package Definition:
A cylindrical shaped package
with leads attached to one end.

This site uses the term; Metal Can
& there are many styles.

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Additional P-Channel FETs:
2N2497, 2N2498, 2N2499, 2N2500
2N3330, 2N3331, and 2N3332

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