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8-Lead-TO-5 Can

Transistor Can Packages TO-5 Case style, Metal Can

8-Lead TO-5 Package Out-line and TO-5 Dimensions
8-Lead TO-5 Metal Can

The TO-5 is a through-hole device enclosed in a metal can, with 8 leads or terminals, additional contacts are possible.
In some cases the metal can is isolated from the terminals and used to attach a heat sink.
Note some heat sinks designed to work with a TO-5 can will also work on a TO-39 package.

Round style press-fit TO-5 Sockets are available in MIL-DTL-83502/2 with 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 contacts. Additional Package Styles; 3-Lead TO-5 package. Note that the location of the terminals shown in the graphic is valid regardless of the actual number of terminals used. In other words, for a package having between 1 and 8 terminals, those terminals will be located a shown in graphic [if they are used]

This is one example, of many different components using metal cans as a package. Use the link to transistor cases to find similar styles.
Another example is a LT1021 precision voltage reference; although pins 1, 3, 7 and 8 are No Connects. The LT1021 uses these pins; Vin, pin 2. Ground, pin 4. Trim, pin 5. Vout, pin 6. Note that the output voltage for the LT1021 is defined by a dash number to indicate the output voltage [-5, -10 and so on].

Although less common, a standard LM741 operational amplifier may use an 8-lead TO-5 metal can. In addition to an LM101, LM108 or LM118 operation amplifier also using the TO-5 metal package. It would be more common to find a LM741 in the cheaper 8-lead DIP package. However; the metal can may be better suited for use in a military program with higher temperature requirements.

Bi-FET operational amplifiers using a TO-5 include an LF155, LF156, and LF157 to provide another example.
Editor note; note all company data sheets indicate that the metal can is in fact a TO-5 package; however, the dimensions, when provided, do indicate a TO-5 metal Can package.

8-Lead TO-5 Package Out-line and TO-5 Functions
8-Lead TO-5 Metal Can

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8-Lead TO-5 Package contaning a 741 operational amplifier
741 Op Amp TO-5
PC motherboard

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