Transistor Case Package

TO-33 Can

Darlington Transistor Can Package; TO-33 Case style, Metal Can

TO-33 Case Outline
TO-33 is a 4-Terminal through-hole transistor with a metal lid.
Terminal identification; Pin 1 Emitter, Pin 2 Base-2, Pin 3 Base-1, Pin 4 Collector.
The Collector is internally connected to the case.
Note the location of the tab to the terminals.

Among the many devices that could use this package include the 2N6350 and 2N6351 Power Darlington Transistors, both of which use two different Base terminals.
The optional resistor normally has a value of 750 ohms.

Transistor Sockets are available for the TO-33 package and will also work for TO-92, TO-5, or TO-72 Devices.
The sockets are PC Mounting of differing sizes [1/4" Diameter X 1/4" High, is one example].

The required Heat Sink would be circular style to slide over the top of the metal can, normally secured with a Thermal Adhesive.

TO-33 Graphic
TO-33 Metal Can

TO-33 Physical Dimensions
TO-33 Physical Measurements

The symbols in the dimension table correspond to the symbols used in the package graphic. Dimensions are provided in both inches and millimeters.

Note that the physical dimensions are provide with both a minimum value and a maximum value. Which means that the actual size could range any where between the min and max numbers, so two different components may not have the exact same dimensions.

Package Type:
4 Axial Leads, .200 Pin Circle

Round metal press-on heat sink, thermal link
Press-on Heatsink

The pin functions are examples
The internal schematic is an example

Darlington Transistors; 2N6350, 2N6351
Types of; Transistor Packages.
Manufacturers of FETs and BJTs [Transistors]
How to Derate Transistors [Temperature]
Heat Sink Vendors

Derating a TO-66 Darlington function
2N6301 Darlington Transistor

Identical Transistor in a TO-66 package;
2N6352, and 2N6353

Identical function in a TO-66 package;
2N6298 Darlington Transistor

Military Qualified Level:

Maximum Power Dissipation
Derate linearly: 5.72 mW/C above 25C
Devices 2N6350 and 2N6351
Ta; ambient temperature

PC motherboard

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