Transistor Package

Semiconductor Package TO-263 Surface Mount style, 5-Terminal


TO-263 Semiconductor 5-Terminal Package drawing
TO-263 5-Terminal Package Drawing

Tab mount. A type of package which provides a method of readily attaching one surface of the semiconductor device to a heat sink to achieve thermal management of the case temperature. Other factors that may effect the mounting include using thermal grease.
When attached to a PWB a copper pad should be located underneath the thermal tab of the TO-263 with a minimum size detailed in the data-sheet. Heat dissipation is conducted out by the metal tab

TO-263 Package Dimensions
5-Lead TO-220 Transistor Package Dimensions

Case dimensions are provided in the table above and relate to the package graphic by the symbols in the table. Keep in mind that case dimensions will change depending on the number of leads on the device. So check the related pages for different package dimensions.

Case temperature. Case temperature is that temperature measured at a specified point on the case of a semiconductor device. The JEDEC specification will define the location of the thermocouple on the case.

TO-263 5-Terminal Board Mounted
TO-263 5-Terminal Package

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D2PAC Package note;
2-lead TO-263 Package [IGBTs]
3-lead TO-263 Package
5-lead TO-263 Package [this page]
7-lead TO-263 Package.

Note the location of the Thermal Pad.
Rear tab is electrically connected to Ground.
The metal tab may be used as a terminal.

Through-hole version of a 5-lead TO-263;
5-Lead TO-220 Package.
Or a TO-262 with bent leads.

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