Transistor Packages

TO-226 Package

TO-226 Case style Transistor or FET package

TO-226 Transistor Package TO-226 Transistor back Side view
TO-226 Plastic Body Case

The TO-226 package is a through-hole three leaded plastic molded component [molded epoxy]. A similar package style is the TO-92 package, using different package dimensions. The TO-226 has a slightly longer plastic body than the TO-92 case.

Because both package types are molded plastic neither will be found in high voltage or high current applications, or used in any military specification. The TO-226 should be considered a general purpose package style used in general purpose applications. As of 1996 JEDEC considers the TO-226 case outline inactive for new usage and has removed the designation. So you may find this package in current [out-dated] designs or in some ones over-stick, but don't expect to find many if any current parts offered in the TO-226 package. In general JEDEC does not remove a package style until after all other manufacturers have stopped using that package. So most, if not all, manufacturers had already stopped using the TO-226 package by 1996.

Case temperature. Is the temperature measured at a specified point on the case of a semiconductor device. The JEDEC specification will define the location of the thermocouple on the case.
For best design results in heat transfer use the shortest leads possible while still keeping the body of the TO-226 just above the Printed Wiring Board. Shorter leads help conduct heat from the TO-266 terminals and into the PWB. Lead inductance is also reduced with shorter component leads. Not that any design advice is required for a package no longer being produced. In any event the TO-226 package is provided here to indicate the size and shape of the package, regardless of the production status of a particular part.

3-Terminal Package
Axial Lead, Flat Index

Out-dated Package Style
Use this package with care

Package Usages:
Bipolar Transistors.
Field Effect Transistors.
Diode Pairs

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